Misery part two….🤪

Nah not really I just felt like putting that as a title. Things aren’t miserable – it’s the weekend. The sun has been shining even if hidden behind clouds and the grass (or at least palm trees) are green and the sky is blue (well gray blue but whatever).

I’ve not got a lot planned. I’ve not done a lot of interest but hey there’s a pool in my building and more to the point we’ve been hanging pictures and creating the perfect layout for the floor rug. I’ve also cooked up a tasty coconut lentil Dahl (thank you Deliciously Ella) and been making the most of having a gym in my building and I’m getting ludicrously close to being able to do the splits again. Hell yeah!

Yesterday I did another charity shop (thrift store American style) trip to rid myself of more unnecessary belongings. The joy and necessity of moving frequently is that you have an overwhelming desire to be minimalist. By the end of this thang whenever that may be I intend to only have a case of clothing to my name to move with.

Now don’t get me wrong I do hope to find a place in the world to stay longer where I no doubt will set up a little nest and decorate it with an array of ultimately pointless yet stylish gubbins. However, until that time it is all just stuff that makes moving an even more painful chore than it already is. So until then I shall focus on remaining thrifty and minimalist and revel in the stylish accessorizing of others! So if anyone has money to burn and would like me to help them spend it on accessorizing their own space do let me know. Nothing better than retail therapy on someone else’s dollar!

For now I think I’m going to go tackle some of those hills again see if my breathing ability and focus is better than on my last efforts. Toodle pip.

Photo is courtesy of beautiful day last weekend at Huntington Library & Gardens in Pasadena.


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