Thankfully there has not been some re-enactment of the movie itself as that would scare the bejesus out of me, unless it was the Dawn French version of course which is pure comedy.

I’m late posting because my brain is an empty vessel of anything positive to say. Then I remember that one lovely person in the UK said they liked reading my posts because I speak the truth rather than a glossed over version of life. So in that spirit I decided I could again write and simply say I’m miserable!

There’s always some comedy in misery though. This must be why there are so many comedians out there who are known to struggle with the blues or the black dog or any variety of other states in which a person isn’t feeling the typical tip top. Today I was an exceptional site as I once more went unto the breach – running whilst upset. I can tell you tackling the hills of Playa Del Rey whilst choking on your own snot is no laughing matter (well not for me but I do hope anyone witnessing had a good chuckle).

When I came upon a parked police patrol car I decided I didn’t want them to see me, so I should get by fast. By this point it was downhill so not so bad hey? Well it was a steep downhill and we all know what can happen when you pick up a bit too much pace. I was fortunate the lights at the bottom of the hill were on green for pedestrians since I pretty much flew across the road and launched myself skidding all over the place down the sandy path to the beach.

Finally on an even keel, well the ground was even, even if my mind was still agog, I was able to pick up a more balanced jog. Except I got a killer stitch (known as cramp in America) in my lower abdomen that felt like an alien trying to escape, so jog became walk, then jog, stitch, walk, jog, stitch, walk….it goes on but you must admire the dedication.

Finally after enough was enough it was back up the hill for me. How is it running up hill doesn’t give me a stitch yet the flat does??

Either way I made it home. My head is still my head. My sinuses are clear though and my stomach empty as I couldn’t be pooped to do any cooking.

Fear not good people food updates will be back soon! Lack of food is not something I can maintain.

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