Get out!

So today I have been back on the road visiting a whole variety of existing and potential customers. This has thoroughly inspired and uplifted me.

There has been a need to push through desk work recently. Apart from the work itself needing completion I also felt the ‘office’ time was needed as a balance to the first three months of the year. The start of this year involved heavy travel which I find both emotionally draining and disorientating and I needed to re-energize. Ironically given the intent to re-energise, I was quickly aware that since my office is my home it is very insular. Alone.

After a surprisingly short while a depressing cabin fever kicked in. This can happen when anyone finds themselves isolated whatever the situation and no situation should be undermined or ignored. What then happens, and only if you’re lucky you realize yourself doing it, you start cutting yourself off more. Now the reality is that a bit of lone working itself does not cause this but it can be surprising how quickly one extra trigger can cause uncertainly to kick in. Either way I had convinced myself I wasn’t even looking forward to being on the road and wanted to be a hermit. Thankfully work necessitates getting over this and one must just get out. And thank goodness because it’s so much better!

I have hung out with (having productive business conversations (fear not any work colleague who may read)) 5 very different yet engaging and funny people today. Two clients I permanently make a tit of myself in front of had to deal with me having a bleeding lip for the first 15 minutes. I sat there initially hoping it would pass but fast realizing I was tasting a lot of blood. I had to raise it as a point of note since there was every chance with skin as pale as mine that I looked like I’d popped out of my coffin to come say ‘hi’ and drain them for my lunch. Thankfully they assured me all was well and we laughed at my strength in giving myself a split lip whilst unpacking a bag with force.

I have just finished a late lunch at the Wild Goat Bistro in Petaluma. Seriously good food. The cake looked amazing so I was debating whether to take a dairy hit as it looks so damned good – see for yourself as it is picture of the day! I finished the debate with me, myself and I and we agreed it was worth the risk. We can all inform you that the salted caramel cake is worth every last one of the thousands of calories. It’s gluten free too so you can feel good about it!

Now onward to Santa Rosa before turning round to head back to Oakland for the night and then onto Berkeley and San Francisco for more meetings tomorrow. So far I have only racked up one ticket courtesy of the toll roads in San Francisco still not being able to take card payments nor having a pay by phone option – way to break into the 21st Century San Fran, this would be part of the reason I don’t want to live here!

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