Days 1-4 Cross Canada Road Trip in Bessie the Camper Truck

So far our road trip has taken us from Kelowna through Vernon, Revelstoke and onto a rainy night in Golden, and from there to Canmore, Edmonton and Calgary. The epic highlight of day one was to find Bartholomew the grizzly bear pop out of the trees to mosey along next to the high way without... Continue Reading →

What’s the story?

Two best friends living it up on an adventure in Hawaii, booked on a whim, because... no regrets! Barack Obama once said, 'no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion.' His words are undeniably a powerful statement concerning racism, but they are also... Continue Reading →

Life in the Balance

So the Man, the Husband, has been home from work for two weeks. He surprised me most spectacularly, turning up and ringing the doorbell a couple of weeks ago, about two weeks ahead of when I was expecting him back. He informs me that the words of greeting I spouted were 'holy shit sticks you're... Continue Reading →

Things we can learn from a razor

In 2019 I swapped out my regular razors for a traditional safety razor as part of my ongoing efforts to reduce my plastic usage and overall waste creation. Who knew an inanimate object such as this could teach so much. I read that the manner of using safety razors was different, shorter strokes, and alternative... Continue Reading →

Lost: One sense of humour

When I first started this blog some years ago, as a memoir of my adventures in Los Angeles, it leaned toward comical. I am a massive believer in laughter and not taking life too seriously wherever possible. Sadly, it transpires that I may have lost my sense of witty writing, somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.... Continue Reading →

A Midsummer Walk in the Woods

The course of true love never did run smoothWilliam Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' Dusk was falling as she walked out of the yard and disappeared into the trees.  This time of day was always the most magical as the creatures of the forest, in all their forms, came to life enjoying the soft warmth... Continue Reading →

Stranger Days

One of the things I find incredibly strange during this time of COVID-19 is the stock piling of ammunition and weapons. If the result of this for humanity is that people are willing to kill for the sakes of toilet roll or a piece of chicken then we really are in trouble. I like to... Continue Reading →

To meat or not to meat?

These days I eat meat. I was a vegetarian by personal, not parental choice for 18 years. Then in 2019 I actually went pretty much vegan, kind of by accident, from July through to October. I had it in my mind to extend to full veganism purely on the basis of research I'd done on... Continue Reading →

Yog’ing my way across BC

Since I have been Ga-Larry-vanting of late, completing my 200 hr yoga & meditation teacher training at an off-grid ashram in magnificent Northern BC, but more importantly since one keen fan requested on the back of this, a new installment to be added to the blog, here I am.  And this one goes out to... Continue Reading →

A muddy ending

This morning I went for a glorious walk in a nearby woods. The walk was full of breezes, bird song, spring and signs a plenty. It was on this long walk I slipped over and reached a not exactly monumental decision. The woodland paths were thick with mud and as I peaked the top of... Continue Reading →

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