Northern Warmth

Having discovered our Bed & Breakfast was on the edge of Chatsworth Park I decided this was inspiration enough to get my self out for another morning run, and I was duly rewarded.

My first reward was in the form of the views with the sun rising over the gentle morning mist, shining off the gold windows of Chatsworth and reflecting back up from the river, it was truly heavenly. I was also lifted by the warmth of all the people I encountered. Everyone said Hello. Not only that – they smiled!

One chap was walking toward me with his dog having come through a small gate, he then turned back around unexpectedly having looked up at me and headed back toward the gate. Now there is every possibility having not attended to my appearance before heading out that I looked like a cross between Albert Einstein (if only I had half his brain power) and Rick Mayall (outstanding sadly passed British comedian and a constant in my TV education); I felt a little dismayed but pushed on. As I progressed on the man reaching the gate opened it up and shouted out ‘don’t want you having to interfere with your pace’. He had gone back to open the gate for me! Despite being astounded in delight I shouted a chorus of ‘thank you’ ‘thank you so very much’ through my beaming smile and amazement whilst tripping over an exposed tree root. Smooth.

I recognize such friendliness is not solely linked to the North and it is generally always more common place, in my experience, in country over urban areas, but I have to hand it to the Northern counties of Britain you do generally get notable warmth from the people. Between the smiles and ‘Hello’s’, the deer running through the park, the rolling green hills, the bird song and the gentle sun together they filled my soul.

Back in the shire equally delightfully I took a run up over the hills near my parents house. Save for the fact the hill itself was somewhat steeper and more constant in its incline than I’m used to these days, the run was a delight because I saw…. absolutely bloody nobody! I passed houses and in truth a few cars during the first half mile and last 100 meters but aside from that even when I passed houses they were devoid of any person to disturb me. Once I was up in the woods it was silence save for the bird song and no trace of humans in sight at all. Thigh spanking brilliant is all I can say! Especially since by the time I got to the hill I was sweating and wheezing like a good ‘un and any viewing of my state would have been less than ideal.

Back home it was time for some yogic attempts to ease the aching muscles…. again any observation of my state is less than ideal, so until the next time I shall bid you adieu. The photo’s you admire are of the delightful Chatsworth Estate which I can’t recommend enough for a visit.


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