Ageing ungracefully

What I have learnt in the last week is that I’m too old for all the partying. That’s not to say I can’t do it; trust me I just spent a week doing exactly that. I can’t however recover so well.

Approximately 13 hrs sleep in total over 3 days, followed by a Friday all nighter that involves going to bed at 7am and waking to an alarm at 10am is quite beyond me. Yesterday I had a 3.5 hr nap in the afternoon until 6.45pm, in bed again 11pm until 7am and I’m still quite sure I’ll be making good use of my lie out bed on the imminent 11hr flight (my initial flight was cancelled so I decided to use points to upgrade my replacement flight to feel better about the inconvenience).

Certainly fun times were had by all. I demonstrated great tipsy prowess with my second social headstand in as many weeks (the first took place in the middle of Lucky Brand Jeans in Santa Monica at the encouragement of the team there and not wishing to disappoint). It solves the hiccups for sure, which was the instigator for the maneuver, but does nothing for balance and surely is on many levels an absurd thing to be doing in such forums. My various party nights of dancing, gymnastics and yoga I swear have put my hip out!

To further deepen the vision I create of myself as pure class I am again traveling in pajamas, since I fail to have yet given time to sourcing a comfortable yet somewhat sophisticated travel ensemble. The googly eyed up and down look of astonishment the lady at American Business Class check in gave me said everything one needed to know of what she thought. With my unbrushed crazy ass hair and half closed eyes I’m sure that won’t be the last look of surprise or disapproval I get whilst working through this flight. I feel someone like Helena Bonham Carter would work such a look well without care and for that I admire her and aspire to her.

For now I shall trot off to partake of some free food from the lounge whilst I still can. For your entertainment right now I share an image of my most amazing 5am headstand. I also recommend that anyone visiting Winchester must go to the cocktail bar called Incognito. The mixologist there is the alcohol equivalent of Heston Blumenthal – the drinks coming out to us were pure theatre and taste delights. A few such examples are the other elements of today’s photo that I share!


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