One week on

One week on and I’ve made it back to Flowerboy Project! And it has not disappointed with a delicious Lavender Boy Latte!! Perfect combination to the last couple of chapters of my book (still House of Spines, which is a bit spooky and late night reading leads to spooky dreams!).

Aside from my return visit to Flowerboy nothing else of major note occurred this week although I did clean the apartment and made my own Lentil Dahl and Lemon Cardamon pancakes (two separate things in case anyone should wonder if it was a weird joint concoction!). I also broke my mini Hoover. I think it was a sign. I’ve kind of hated it ever since I bought it along with all my other ‘mini’ household appliances. In my mind they were a necessary perfection for the modern small apartment. In fact they just take less space but don’t do the job. So now I need to find a vacuum. It was on the list for today but I can’t bring myself to do anything so dull at 3pm in the afternoon.

Instead I’m going to finish the book. Buy some flowers and some ingredients to make some deliciously Ella sweet treats for the week to come! Hum yum yum.


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