Westward leading

I am now back on Californian time. As ever it was amazing to see the folks back home and incredibly hard to head away again.

I selfishly spent a lot of the Christmas holidays on poor form. Not intentionally but rather due to jet lagged lack of sleep for five days turning me into a zombie. I also had a severe reaction to some dairy I accidentally ate, which gave me intense eczema. This left most of my skin flaming hot both physically and visually; I like to describe its appearance as a dried out bright red elephant type skin. This mild affliction also left me constantly itching which in itself is never the most attractive thing to behold on a person.

Nonetheless I still had a good time catching up with people and feeling lots of love from all the amazing people I managed to see. Anyone who has lived a long distance from home will appreciate that trying to see everyone is one of the most challenging and potentially guilt ridden elements of a return visit. Please be assured anyone I didn’t manage to see, that it is not any reflection on my desire to catch up with you great people, merely time.

Having arrived back in LA last night I decided I would treat myself to a light brunch at a new place – The Flowerboy Project. This guy has pretty much set up my dream shop. It’s a florist, gift shop and coffee shop all dedicated to all things floral! So the drinks and food are inspired by and flavored with florals. AMAZING! They have stores in DTLA (Downtown LA for those not in the know!) and Venice about 20 mins walk from my house on Lincoln Blvd. The plan was perfect. Walk there, eat and drink glorious florals and read my new book ‘House of Spines’ by Michael J Malone.

It actually went very wrong though and I will need to visit again to do it justice.

I have learnt two lessons over this festive period. 1) do not mess with a dairy intolerance the outcome is irritating beyond belief 2) if a supplement says ‘take with food’, take it with food.

I was ready to head out for my floral based book reading morning when I remembered I needed to take my morning supplements. One to help my guts feel better after feeding them dairylicious poison and to boost my poor adrenal glands which get hit when you travel across time zones a lot didn’t you know. Both say ‘take with food’ which I usually do but I figured I’d throw them in now as I’d be eating in 20 mins anyway.

So off I trot toward the store. I’m walking along and need to take my cardigan off as it’s hot. I make a note to not walk at my usual Olympic pace and instead try walking like a normal person, perhaps then I wouldn’t feel so hot. ‘I guess it’s the change from the cold of the UK’ I say to myself, since it’s not hot in LA today but I’m still getting hotter even though I’m now only in my short, loose fitting cotton dress. I’m about 5 minutes from the shop and my hair feels damp through ‘maybe I overdid the wax after all’ I think.

Finally I get to the Floweboy Project and it looks fab. I go in and line up to order whilst reviewing the menu – Rose Girl Latte, Lavender Boy lather, Peanut Butter Toast with Lavender and Honey to name all that I could remember since now my stomach starts to hurt intensely. I’m almost buckled over save for the fact I don’t want to look strange. Now that I’m inside I’m really sweaty. I try to stay calm and cool.

I order my Rose Girl latte and Lavender Toast to eat in. I sit down to wait for it. After a minute i re-position myself so I’m facing away from anyone. I am now sweating quite profusely and feel a large wave of nausea coming on. They bring the drink over and it looks superb. It tastes good too but my focus is overwhelmingly on not being sick. The Toast comes over and I know by now it’s my saviour. I manage one slice. By now I feel like I’m sat in a sauna turned up high wearing a wet suit. Grabbing my second slice I thank them and run outside.

I can’t walk home so I call a Lyft (like an Uber but different, which is like a Cab but you call it via an app on your phone – anyone reading who is wonders why I’m explaining – back in the UK unless in a big city this still ain’t a thang). Whilst I’m waiting for my Lyft I slowly eat the second slice. Suddenly when the Lyft is 1 minute away and the second slice of toast is comfortably inside me the nausea goes and the sweats stop and I am suddenly freezing cold and covered in goose bumps. I do however know the Toast saved me and I will now be fine.

And all of that good people is why if it says ‘take with food’ you should take with food.

Finally I am home. Feeling a little foolish. Dressed in my PJ’s again. Reading my book from my own chair without any delicious floral drinks. Fear not Flowerboy I’ll be back! They also do candles inspired by different parts of LA including a Venice one – so I’ll probably be getting one of those!

At this interlude I would like to wish you all a Happy New Years Eve and a prosperous 2018 in every way imaginable. For those that take time out of their day to read my drivel I thank you!

With love, Emma x


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