Holding pattern

Sorry guys literally as per the title. I’ve been flying back to LA this weekend. I feel drained and tired and failed to write.

I will say that Air New Zealand is far to superior to any other airline I have ever flown and I’ve flown a lot. They offer true non dairy milk as standard in economy, they offer herbal teas in economy, they have genuinely high quality wines, they have as much leg room as premium economy in many others and even leg rests in certain seats, the crew are supremely friendly and all in all they make flying more of a pleasure. Only downside is their tragically bad ‘safety video’ which is some dodgy attempt at rap that falls a little awkwardly in my humble option, but at the end of the day who gives a crap because the rest is amazing and they’re Kiwi’s so they’re all good in my book. Throw Sonny Bill Williams, Dan Carter, Richie McCaw or pretty much any of the All Blacks team on the flight and you could justifiably call it heaven.

Pic of the day is my bro’s cat Alfie showing a face of contentment. Having some animal attention reminded me how amazing animals are for our wellbeing and I would say I probably looked pretty content too and the most relaxed I have been in a while.

Miss everyone from home already.


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