Sartorial insanity

It is strange that one of the biggest things playing on my mind at the moment is my wardrobe, or more precisely I should say the items in the wardrobe. I've always been a keen follower of fashion. Over the years I hoarded 100's of copies of Vogue magazine, keenly followed The Clothes Show in... Continue Reading →


This likely only means something to people who resided in the UK in the last 20 years and not all of those will get it either. However, last night a colleague was filming a short Instagram story as we found ourselves unable to get into Chateau Marmont for a little tipple. Unexpected entertainment came from... Continue Reading →

Ballsed that one up

I read in relation to the Autoimmune Paleo protocol that most people mess up at the end of the elimination phase when they rush to re-introduce everything, thereby not easing their body back in and not giving the space necessary to work out which of the various known allergens are affecting them. Well they're not... Continue Reading →

Holding pattern

Sorry guys literally as per the title. I've been flying back to LA this weekend. I feel drained and tired and failed to write. I will say that Air New Zealand is far to superior to any other airline I have ever flown and I've flown a lot. They offer true non dairy milk as... Continue Reading →

Boobing brilliant

Short mid-term post to let anyone who read this and heard of my woes, hear the good news. And the good news is... Having secured an appointment with a highly regarded UK breast cancer consultant today I had another scan and he said there is nothing abnormal showing that would cause him to biopsy never... Continue Reading →

Cakes away!!!

Over the past months I've been doing lots of research into Hashimoto's Autoimmune condition which I was diagnosed with in the early summer. In simple terms an autoimmune condition is when your own antibodies turn on your body, the good parts, not just any nasties that have been hanging around. In the case of Hashimoto's... Continue Reading →


What an unusual title you may think, but I wanted to discuss an issue that is affecting me and tens of thousands of others globally. I'm currently in the midst of what is commonly referred to as a breast cancer 'scare', which is a fair choice of phrase I think, as it is a bit... Continue Reading →

Sinners & Saints

Perhaps not as interesting a piece as you might expect. Largely it's about cake. The image of the day is of Sinners & Saints bakery on Lincoln Blvd. I've mentioned them before but they're so amazing they deserve a whole piece. They are the only bakery that I've been to that prove gluten free, dairy... Continue Reading →


It is here that we shall complete the journey into Europe that I took a couple of weeks ago, yet feels like it was an eternity ago sadly. The downside of which is...can I even remember what I did? And the answer is 'yes as there is a memory trigger'. And the question is 'what... Continue Reading →


This piece understandably has a more somber tone than the usual holiday post and deserves a space of its own. Whilst in Germany we visited Dacau, known as the blue print for Hitlers Concentration camps. It was a sobering and eye opening experience not least of all, as it served as a reminder of how... Continue Reading →

Germany & Sweden

I'd say we arrived in Munich upbeat and raring to go, admittedly it was more half asleep and desperate for our beds. Nonetheless, having joined forces with our gang of merry man and women we soldiered on to hit the town after our delayed flights landed us 5 hrs late. Munich centre itself is stunning... Continue Reading →

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