The Greatest Showman

I love this film. Loads of people love this film and I believe it's because the timing of its release is perfect. We are at a point in time where we all need to believe that we can strive for better, whilst also being grounded to remember what's really important. And it's not the 'stuff'... Continue Reading →

The British Countryside: inspiring writing since time immemorial

I love the British countryside, indeed I've had many people tell me I should work for the Tourist Board and one day who knows! For now however, I indulge in it solely for my own benefit with solitary walks to relax the mind. For anyone who knows me they'll be accustomed to me approaching life... Continue Reading →

Journeys through the Shire

I'm slow getting round to writing this I know. Nonetheless just over a week ago I was enjoying a wonderful holiday with Man, showing him the delights of Herefordshire and a little beyond! We started the adventure with my balloons at the airport. I won't lie Man kind of wrecked the full impact by not... Continue Reading →

He’s here!!

So I didn't write at weekend because I did a mid week piece and had nothing else to say. I spent much of the week in a pretty low mood due to finding out my Hashimoto's has got worse. Silver lining is it does explain my severe mood swings and excessive tiredness, well described by... Continue Reading →


Since this blog was set up to keep my friends and family of England updated on my adventures in America, and since I'm no longer in America, I'm not really sure it still has a point or what to write if I'm honest. So I shall tell some realities of moving home. One, it's kind... Continue Reading →

Tears in LA

In my last few days in LA as I struggled with the sadness myself of leaving, so did the city itself cry. The downpours of rain kissed a final goodbye to Little Britain in Playa Del Rey taking with it our trusty Union Jack rug from our balcony. All this said I (and a fair... Continue Reading →

My weekend in Hawaii

The morning i prepared to leave Maui I wanted to cry. I'm not sure exactly why. The fact that I knew the end of this American adventure was less than a week away. The fact that Maui itself is so perfect its impossible to want to leave. Either way it was sad because Maui, especially... Continue Reading →

Easing back in

So it appears my two week writing break turned into something a little longer. I was terribly distracted by a number of things from which I bring great news. I was enjoying spending time with Man in Canadia, then I was not so much enjoying packing up final elements of my life in LA, which... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!!

Wishing you all a super happy holiday season. May you all get the time to relax and spend time with people you love. I'm going to be adventuring up in Canada so will of course be unable to physically be in the proximity of lots of important people to me. However I will be there... Continue Reading →

Destiny Cake

I said I'd update you all on my destiny and cooking this week. There is both a short term and longer term destiny. For now however, I'm so caught up in the short term pressing issue of needing to pack up my life in LA, I can not take you on the adventure of my... Continue Reading →

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