A muddy ending

This morning I went for a glorious walk in a nearby woods. The walk was full of breezes, bird song, spring and signs a plenty. It was on this long walk I slipped over and reached a not exactly monumental decision.

The woodland paths were thick with mud and as I peaked the top of the hill and started heading downward, I soon found myself in a speed fuelled mud skate challenge. The trees sped past me as I descended a bank somewhat quicker than intended, and whilst I was surely quite a sight, with my body convulsing like a loose electric cable I did manage to stay upright. In this moment of pure yet laughable panic I realised something. Galarryvanting has come to at least a temporary end. I wondered if I’d keep it up in the UK and it is clear to me that for now I should not. It and indeed I lack direction and my writing has thus become rather random and whiney, serving neither me or anyone else a purpose.

It has been an emotional journey with many highs and many lows, achievements and mistakes. During the last few years I’ve met great people and had great adventures. I have laughed and I have also cried a lot. I have struggled and I’ve felt incredibly lonely at times. I don’t say this for sympathy or pity, in fact both make me very uncomfortable. I am saying this publicly because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m not the only one who knows they have amazing family and friends but feels they can’t truly talk of how they feel. I’m sharing it so that anyone who reads this and who has also felt themselves being pulled into a black pit in the center of their soul knows that they are not alone. I’m saying it because I think a genuine compassion and care toward people suffering mental anguish of any sort will become a key part of my future.

If this turns out to be the end of Galarryvanting as a blog and it’s only purpose is to capture all the adventures from my time in America then that is good for me. I treasure the good and the tough in forming who I will become. For now though I want to focus on finding the woods through the trees and finding which path, gateway or walls to go through, over or under trying not to get sucked into the mud along the way.

In my absence here are some things I’ll be doing, getting used to and trying out: not drinking any alcohol, because surely as it’s a Thyroid inhibitor and mine is already inhibited this makes sense, continuing to listen to my body and change my diet to allow my endocrine system to relax, keep learning how to live life at a slower pace and with less materialism (which means I won’t be travelling the country seeing everyone as once I did but anyone who wants to meet, let’s find a half way point or something), yoga’ing, walking, reflecting, learning and making myself better in infinite ways.

So is it A bientot or Au Revoir I do not know. In any event you are unlikely to hear from me in this forum for a while. I thank every one who has read this. Be assured I will still be ‘galarryvanting’ my way around the place as best I can.

And with that it’s goodbye from me and goodbye from Galarryvanting.


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