The Greatest Showman

I love this film. Loads of people love this film and I believe it’s because the timing of its release is perfect. We are at a point in time where we all need to believe that we can strive for better, whilst also being grounded to remember what’s really important. And it’s not the ‘stuff’ it’s the people, the relationships, the community, the kindness that are important.

Society norms are created by society. If we all continued walking around naked from childhood we wouldn’t think it odd to be naked. Fear not though I am not about to campaign for society wide naturism. All power to those who are comfortable with it but I am not one of those. I fear I’d give myself a heart attack never mind anyone else! I am excited though, that whilst very slow and not smoothly, barriers are falling and the term ‘normal’ is becoming ever more questionable in the world. Any ‘norm’ really is only a reflection of one person or one section of societies experience, and it sure doesn’t make it right or the only way.

P T Barnum was ‘blinded by the light’ then following a painful fall from grace became grounded once again after he remembered what and who he was striving for in the first place. Today society at large is still blinded by the lights and is slowly adapting to the need to change. The opportunity to change how we view each other, interact with each other, treasure and protect our environment and do things differently to make entire cultural change is upon us.

For whatever reason this has all been on my mind a lot lately as I try and plan my own future. My own life less complicated, driven less by consumerism; less stuff, more sense of achievement and contentment. I’ve been reading ‘A life less throwaway’ by Tara Button who runs the website I admire and buy into everything she talks about and as such am trying to downsize my own life, channeling a Marie Kondo mantra of ‘does it being joy’, so that the weight of excess is lifted and everything I touch brings happiness.

In the words of Charity Barnum ‘it’s all an adventure that comes with a breathtaking view. Walking a tightrope with you’. And on that note I’m off to sing the night away and dance around the curtains.

I had my hair done this evening and this is my unfiltered mop head. I don’t like pictures of myself, especially selfies so the cousin IT approach works a treat!


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