The British Countryside: inspiring writing since time immemorial

I love the British countryside, indeed I’ve had many people tell me I should work for the Tourist Board and one day who knows! For now however, I indulge in it solely for my own benefit with solitary walks to relax the mind.

For anyone who knows me they’ll be accustomed to me approaching life at 100 miles per hour. If walking in a group I’m the annoying one who keeps getting ahead (why did the same never work for running? Hmm). If you risk breaking your back carrying the contents of your car back into the house, but the alternative is to do extra trips, then of course I take the risk. My mind races as fast as my little pins try and carry me, often leaving sitting still and sleeping states I struggle to attain. Yet one of the key learnings of my Hashi condition is that I need to slow down, approach all aspects of my life in a more gentle fashion, to let all elements of my physical and mental being stay in a relaxed state.

To do this I’ve been doing some slow jogs but also more walking to breath in the benefits of nature without the potential wheezing some of the hills round here deliver. I’ve done some sunny walks, as we in England have been enjoying beautiful weather these last weeks, and also some early evening walks just as the sun sets. It’s all to easy even on these walks for me to pound along and stop here and there to take in the never ending greenery of the trees and the fields stretching beyond where the eye can see, however, this still misses the sounds of nature. What I do is I walk to the stile, pictured in today’s collage of home. I sit atop, close my eyes and breath slowly, as I listen to the many different birds chirping away before they settle in for the night. I am transported to another place. One that is peaceful, tranquil and has a better perspective on life. If only I could bundle that feeling up and take it with me during the day.

As well as nature, Man is also a great tonic to my usual manicness. He is in equal measure laid back to my hyper and as a result we tend to meet somewhere nicely in the middle. Even when I’m super stressed his ever calm demeanor means I can’t help but drop down a notch or nine on the excitable scale. I’m not sure Man will particularly be down with the long country walks though, he is not a fan of the old walking activity AND he doesn’t find Father Ted funny! So if there is anyone in the Shire who’s up for some country strolls do give me a shout. I should like to do the Three Peaks at some point, unlikely this year I’ll be doing it in 24 hrs as it doesn’t really tie in with the ‘take it easy on your body’ element.

To continue to develop my zen life I have this week signed on a lovely little apartment to rent in Ledbury which is a beautiful, quiet, historic town close to the Malvern hills. I’m moving in two weeks which is exciting, save for the fact I gave all my big furniture away before moving to LA, therefore I’m missing a few key elements such as a bed. I’m looking forward to looking out of my window onto beautiful old buildings and taking long walks through the local countryside. Land Rover have a test track nearby where you can do Experience days too, so I’ll be doing that at some point, because why wouldn’t I? There is also a yoga studio, horse riding AND and adult ballet and tap class! I wasn’t any good as a child at dance but I’m getting an urge to try it out! Don’t picture it people, you’ll have nightmares!

Anyway, today the country inspired me to write this. Indeed today I wrote this atop the stile in the middle part way through my walk. Now though it’s getting dark and I still need to walk home. Therefore I shall depart, following a few more minutes of wisdom from the last remaining birds in the trees. Wishing you all a peaceful week and would suggest a nice walk in the great outdoors this week wherever in the world you are!


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