We interrupt your day for an urgent announcement

So I’m in London. Within minutes of getting in, whilst waiting for the tube I felt energy surging through me, I felt excited to be off exploring the old town again. This on top of my missing LA and a few other things have me worrying – have I become a townie??? Shock horror.

Beyond this worrying question, on which the jury is still out but I guess I fall into the category of someone who sees the benefits of both, I was surprised to notice the things I missed that I hadn’t even noticed that I’d noticed before, if you know what I mean (yes Man I wrote that on purpose for your amusement).

The second the tube pulled away I smiled at the thunderous clattering of wheels on the metal tracks. The noise is both deafening and comforting all at once and I can’t say I’d previously even noticed it, let alone noticed that it invoked a warm feeling of home. It got me thinking, what will be the things from LA or America in general, that I don’t even notice that I noticed to notice that I miss, until of course I’m next back and then notice.

The more widely available catering to my dietary needs is a sure fire win for LA but I actively know that so it doesn’t count. In the same way, whilst chowing down on such a delight, I know I missed a good Sunday lunch from the UK when in America. I think one thing might be the acceptance that any food goes at anytime of day, there aren’t the same ‘rules’ around what constitutes breakfast or dinner – you want pizza for breakfast great, porridge for lunch, here you go, French toast for evening meal, giv’er. Apart from that one thought I’m yet to discover what I didn’t realize I would miss.

As well as the delights of London itself I went to a Deliciously Ella yoga evening, hugely fabulous with great food. It pulled me out of the pit of doom that getting my recent blood tests for my Thyroid had thrown me into. Like Ella herself who healed an illness through changing her diet drastically, many other people there were going through a similar experience, so it was uplifting to get the camaraderie. I also hit another yoga class whilst here – Fierce Grace yoga. It was a hot yoga studio and was ran by hairy bikers. Outstanding. The teacher went from checking us in wearing his Harley Davidson gear, to in his shorts with a microphone, taking us through our poses with grace, humour and calm. I recommend this studio near Hampstead to anyone coming to the area! It was perfect in every way – Megan H you would love it! The music set was genius too.

Today I am brunching with my LA roomie Helen, who wonderfully is also in London at present, before I head on back to Hereford and have to do something with the pile of ‘get rid’ items I have piled all over my parents house. Eeek.

Pic of the day: I love the tiles of the underground so there are several pics of that, didn’t necessarily manage to grab my favorites by I still love their worn in charm and then the skyline and sunrise looking back from Parliament hill toward Tufnell on my morning run!


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