Since this blog was set up to keep my friends and family of England updated on my adventures in America, and since I’m no longer in America, I’m not really sure it still has a point or what to write if I’m honest. So I shall tell some realities of moving home.

One, it’s kind of depressing and sad. Two, it’s also comforting and lovely to see close friends and family so easily and to walk a land that is so familiar to me, that even being back for just one week, it’s such a part of me that I wonder if I ever lived in LA?

I have moved in with my parents and not knowing the reality of travel in my next job, I’m not sure I can decide where else to go. So sadly for my parents who may at times have wished I was back closer to them, well, that wish came true and they’ll be stuck with me and my things for a while now. I thought I didn’t take too much stuff back to the UK and compared to many people I didn’t. Two suitcases in November and a further four came back with me in January; fitting this back into one room however, is not a feat I am able to achieve. So we had a slight issue.

As a solution to storage and to preserve all our sanity my parents kindly agreed I could have the room over the garage that’s been used as storage in recent years. This of course means clear out time. As I gently encouraged (haha who am I kidding and yes I can see the rolling eyes and hear the laughs at this Ma and Pa) them to clear stuff out and not ‘hoard’, I realized how much stuff I had to break free of.

My large collection of Sylvanian Families (See pic of the day) I had some time ago settled on selling. I forgot about a large selection of ornaments from a collection called Bramley Hedge, large collection of Winnie the Pooh, endless childhood books I realistically will never read, framed pictures and photo’s in such quantity that unless I’m about to move into a large house will never see the light of day, so many mirrors, how vain am I?, no it’s okay they’re all decorative so they are the pretty and I need not worry about my own face. Clothes I haven’t worn in years, ornaments of all sorts galore, the list goes on. So this last week has been spent breaking attachments.

In making this break from things I’ve clung to it does give a mild insight into the hoarder mindset. It was a wrench to agree with myself to let some of these things go. Once I’d made the decision however and sat with it for a while it is purely cathartic. It’s like weight being lifted off me; I feel lighter. I intend from this to be much more considered in future purchases to ensure I’m not re-building a noose of stuff around my neck that’s for sure. As Marie Kondo would say, you need to ensure it brings true joy else don’t keep it and indeed I would add, don’t buy it in the first place. For this of course you need to know yourself and stay in tune with yourself at all times to know what is sparking true joy, that is not always so easy.

For now however leaving piles of charity (thrift) shop donations and e-bay items strewn around the house (sorry Ma and Pa!) I am off to London Town. I’m staying in a lovely Airbnb in London and I’m going to potter around the streets of old London taaan and also go to a Deliciously Ella yoga and dinner night at Carousel restaurant in London. If you don’t know who she is look it up, she’s a genuine inspiration.

And as we draw to a close let’s talk about things that spark joy, such as… my new claret red leather leggings!! These lovelies do spark joy, especially combined with my old favorite red tartan Vivienne Westwood coat. I’m not sure Hereford is ready for this look but London is totes mcOates good for it. Further joy comes from the fact we’re also on the countdown of nine days until the Canadian arrives! Whoop di do!

P.s I will be keeping my cuddly Pooh and Piglet. I am not afraid to admit I sometimes still listen to Winnie the Pooh to get me to sleep so he’s still there with me and he does spark joy!


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