Tears in LA

In my last few days in LA as I struggled with the sadness myself of leaving, so did the city itself cry.

The downpours of rain kissed a final goodbye to Little Britain in Playa Del Rey taking with it our trusty Union Jack rug from our balcony.

All this said I (and a fair few knowledgeable scientists and likely quite a few others) am a firm believer that rain and water are the givers of life and that from these waters whether from the skies or my eyes, new life shall come.

Onward onward and let’s see what the next adventures bring.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my employer Farrow & Ball for giving me this opportunity, especially three gents Don H, Neil A and Chris W for having the confidence and trust in me to send me on such far flung endeavors, and then supporting me along the way. Thank you to many others in the business for their good wishes, support, advice and laughs both from UK and importantly the amazing group of colleagues I got to know in America and Canada (my future home! Hey Man??!!! I just need £2m). Thank you to the friends and family who have supported from afar, checking in when I’m having near breakdowns, and sending love from home. Thank you to all the amazing people I’ve met in LA and life long friends that I have made. Thank you to the Catalina wine mixer for throwing Daryl Ressler in my path, he’s a pretty cool outcome of the adventure.

It’s been fun, at times it’s nearly broken me but then it made me stronger and wiser, just like Wol instead. Goodbye Los Angeles and America and all the wonderful and strange people that I have met. You’re not all strange but some are, and I love that as much as the wonderfulness! Ah screw it who am I kidding, you’re all a bunch of weirdo’s that’s why you became my friends!

I learnt recently that if you only ever see my blog from your phone you lose half the pictures due to it not being optimized for that view. Find attached a collage of my time in the US that might well look better if you manage to read this on your computer screen 😘


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