Easing back in

So it appears my two week writing break turned into something a little longer. I was terribly distracted by a number of things from which I bring great news.

I was enjoying spending time with Man in Canadia, then I was not so much enjoying packing up final elements of my life in LA, which continues to feel increasingly sad. The saving grace at present is I’m so busy with wrapping up work and my personal life that I don’t have time to be sad. It will hit me though and it’s not going to be easy. There are things to keep me going though.

Number 1. Schitts Creek – if you haven’t seen it – find it. It’s brilliant and just so happens to be full of Canadians too – they do get around! And on that note I can share that the Canadian is coming to England. Yes in February the Man is coming to visit me! And that is something to look forward to.

As for Christmas and New Year well that was all joyous. All of Man’s family and friends were lovely and of course I hear they like me, but come on what’s not to like? No responses to that please, this is not an occasion for feedback.

The Canadian countryside (I’m sure is the wrong term but at same time wilderness also feels wrong so I’m stumped), is beyond beautiful perhaps more so under the veil of crisp white snow. It was certainly chilly but so long as I was bundled up in my lovely, snuggly clothes with a lovely snuggly Man nearby all was well! Oh how he tried to run away but I am unstoppable bahaha! I love that there were Ice Hockey rinks made on the frozen lake – like wild swimming but wild hockeying. Oh Canada!

I also became an official Edmonton Oilers fan now that I have my own officially branded hoody and top. Oh yeah! I still have no real idea what happens but I did once spot ‘icing’ at some point in recent history, despite usually being tempted only by icing of the sweet variety. To be fair I’ve munched on a fair amount of that too, restrictive diets will not keep this woman from cake. I’ve perfected the ginger loaf cake! And I make a mean dairy free, gluten free Black Forest chocolate refrigerator cake!

New Year’s Eve took us back to the roaring 20’s. I’m quite sure it was fantastic and I know I spent it with wonderful people. However I can’t seek to write to about it, since I hit one to many Gin & Tonics whilst failing to stuff my face. Accordingly my only real memory is of my wasteful New Year’s Day spent hugging a toilet. So when will I grow up? That is the question. And from there the only way is up!


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