Destiny Cake

I said I’d update you all on my destiny and cooking this week. There is both a short term and longer term destiny. For now however, I’m so caught up in the short term pressing issue of needing to pack up my life in LA, I can not take you on the adventure of my longer term potential. I can tell you about cake though.

Last week I had my private baking lesson with the wonderful Laurel Gallucci, Co-owner and baker extraordinare of Sweet Laurel Bakery. It was totally wonderful. Not only was Laurel the sweetest and kindest person, she was a wealth of information about Hashimoto and importantly about the lifestyle that has helped her put it into remission for two years. The only downside for me is that it seems likely getting pregnant and having a child somehow helped her and that is not an option for me 😳

The baking however was delicious and I’m still enjoying the Ginger and Apple cupcakes we made. I’ve just made a fresh batch of bread too, it’s literally cooling on the kitchen side as I type. What i am finding again and again with healthy or clean eating however you wish to call it, is that as well as being better for me, and likely every body, it’s far easier to bake or cook than traditional cooking and still delicious.

I’ve been loving the taste, benefit and personal glow from cooking up my own stuff. I am going to try and continue to work my enjoyment of this new and upgraded baking and cooking into my lazy Sunday rituals, hopefully getting my own kind of creative with it over time.

On a different note, ritual as a word has over the years gained a disturbing connotation, think sacrifice or waking the dead type of thing, but rituals have the benefit of routine with a deeper level of engagement. They build contentment and happiness. Doing something regularly that means something to you, brings satisfaction and a sense of well-being. Ultimately any ritual that tastes as good as my Ginger Apple cupcakes is something I can get down with.

Pictured is my baking delights!


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