This is what credit cards were made for!

I’ve just booked myself three nights into the most amazing hotel on Maui in January as my final trip on my US visa. It would not be happening without credit card, I possibly have gone overboard but I don’t care.

I’m off to Travaasa, Hana on Maui. It’s an amazing resort in a beautiful area that has so many things on offer. Day excursions if you can pull yourself away from the complex itself which has yoga, cookery classes, horse riding, meditation not to mention it’s in Maui and generally all the scenery around me will be amazing. This is the slice of heaven I have chosen as my goodbye and thank you America!

I am hugely conflicted and emotional, up and down daily about my impending move. It’s an isolated and lonely decision to have made and by the time this trip comes I will be all packed up, bags will ship to UK ahead of me and this will be check-out time from my life. I CAN NOT WAIT!

A wise man once said to me, if you can put it on your credit card and be confident you can pay it off within a couple of years why not take an experience that you may never get again. At the end of the day when you look back 5 or 10 years later will you remember the cost or the experience. Experiences will always beat materialism and the memory lasts longer than objects which come and go (that last bit is my own wisdom but shared by many). Some of you know this wise man, it’s dear Chris Wood, who was my boss when I worked in the UK previously. A great guru of mine I take his poignant advice once more!

That’s about all I have to share today. For next week I’ll be able to update you on my destiny AND my baking session with the fabulous Laurel Galluci whose Sweet Laurel cake shop up in the Pacific Palisades is my second slice of heaven. I’ll be heading their shortly with a book. No phone. Simply enjoying delicious food (cake specifically) and drink, that I don’t need to worry about whether I can or can’t eat whilst laughing my head off reading Bill Bryson. Joy to the world!


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