Sartorial insanity

It is strange that one of the biggest things playing on my mind at the moment is my wardrobe, or more precisely I should say the items in the wardrobe.

I’ve always been a keen follower of fashion. Over the years I hoarded 100’s of copies of Vogue magazine, keenly followed The Clothes Show in its day and spent many a day in my teens and twenties sketching my own designs. One of the weirdest things when I moved to LA was the absolute confusion about my own fashion style. Although perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that a long term Brit didn’t know how to dress in the sun!

Frustratingly, having cobbled together clothes for the last three years in LA, I’m now realizing as I face a return to the UK that I have a new problem. Without realizing it I’ve slowly got rid of a lot of my clothes that I used to have. This combined with the fact that my LA clothes would cause me to freeze to death in the UK, even through most of the summer (unless we get another summer of 2018), and due to fact that half the clothes I bought in LA I’m not sure I like anyway, I’m finding a new sartorial challenge in moving back to the UK.

This little realization, or more to the point the extent to which it has occupied my mind recently caused me to title my piece sartorial insanity. Since whilst I love fashion, I also find myself thoroughly frustrated at myself for how much time I’ve dedicated to this, when quite frankly there are far more important things think about than what sweater will keep me warm and look good. Then of course I remembered I’m a genius at distracting myself from issues – the distraction just varies upon the situation. It might be cake, it might be gin, it might be shopping.

So instead I’m trying to put some focus on things that can develop me. Excitingly I have my grain free baking course booked with Laurel Gallucci for 10th Dec. I’m booking cookery courses for paleo and grain free diets also with Laurel in the new year but also at Daylesford Farm. I’ve also joined the Aquarian women’s leadership group led by Guru Jagat who is an outstanding spiritual person, business woman, pragmatist and quite honestly comedian that radiates positivity, and I also intend head to Anuttara Ashram in Canada for one of their yoga courses. All of these things make me excited!

Now I just need to work out what I should wear to them!! I mean come on it’s about prioritizing and balance- it doesn’t have to be one rather than the other!

Picture of the day is totally irrelevant, save for the fact that I had to give Santa some directions over the Pacific Palisades yesterday when I was visiting the Sweet Laurel bakery to eat some delicious coconut jam cake. Here’s hoping that there is some Holiday Magic up there for all of us.

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