Avoiding a pin prick to the eye

I title today’s piece as such since it was debatable for some time as to whether I’d prefer to stick a pin in my eye or write a post when I’m feeling so uninspired. Thankfully I realised in the nick of time that a pin prick to the eye really could be quite problematic and so here we are and I shall seek to offer some musings on my week.

I blame my incompetent continuation of my autoimmune elimination diet for the odd thing such as sticking a knife in my finger earlier in the week, yet other things today that added to my miserable assed nature are out of my hands quite literally.

The first of this weekends nuisances was the knife to the finger injury which came back to haunt me on my flight back to the UK. As I was putting my bag into the compartment over my seat I caught it on something opening the original cut and some. As passengers continued to feed in like sardines, focused in only one direction, I couldn’t get to the galley to find assistance and a plaster (band aid). Despite blood steadily streaming down my arm quite visibly the sardines weren’t to be stopped. Instead the guy next to me, possibly in fear of getting bled upon, yet I believe just because he was nice, offered a clean handkerchief to the cause. I wrapped myself up and decided with the flow under control I could now simply elbow my way through the stream of fish without leaving anyone looking like an extra from the walking dead. I got to the alley where they had no plasters but did offer a warm cloth to clean myself up. Once all were boarded they finally came back with a plaster which was good because my white cloth was now red. The couple next to me kindly acted the part of triage perfectly and plastered me up with great average person skill which we all admired greatly for its awkwardness. The biggest shock was how such a small cut could create such a display. Either way perhaps the blood loss helped as I slept for about 3 hours.

On arrival in the UK I was tired and miserable and discovered as per my internet research that the UK’s standard supermarkets and high street is shockingly poor at catering to allergies, so that made me more miserable. I was saved by two businesses – Fodder in Hereford, a long standing health food shop that had most of what I needed and also paleoandco.co.uk. Paleo & Co was set up by a couple Lisa and Jonathan who moved back to the UK from NYC and had a similar discovery to me regarding the lack of foods they could eat. They were somewhat more proactive about the whole thing and set to establishing a business to fill the gap. Thank you!!! Even better following a series of jolly interjections over e-mail with Lisa she said I was her favourite customer. It may not be quite true but either way it was the most positive aspect of my day! So I now have some goods to eat which is fantastic and I’m also loving finding people in the same boat as me – it makes the world feel better.

Last night sleep evaded me pretty badly. I fell asleep at 9pm having fought as long as I could to stay awake. I woke at midnight and couldn’t sleep until 6am, when I managed an extra 3 hours. Lack of sleep does not a jolly Emma make, I and my parents can attest to that.

This morning nonetheless I managed to get myself out for a run and it was stunning. Running through the woods with the bright morning sun seeping through the trees and glistening on the morning dew it was perfection. Things were looking up. Except when I got back in a tragic moment I discovered that some maggoty moth things had been attacking Cuthbert and George. For those not in the know Cuthbert and George are my faithful sheep and bull woollen footstools. I am not attached to many things but these chaps I am, and I was heartbroken to see their luscious coats just falling away. Treat it we must and as such they are both going to be spending 48 hrs each in a freezer. This is extreme cryotherapy, it’s difficult to watch – see pictures of the day you can see Cuthbert already in treatment and George relegated to the garage atop the tractor mower to keep him out of trouble pending his session in the extreme spa.

To try and recover I booked myself in for a Schmoo spa treatment at Puckrup Hall. Sadly this was also not to be, there was an issue with the booking system. I arrived and they couldn’t do the treatment. Oh the humanity! However, the lady was super nice and they offered immediately to re-book at 40% off, so that is a nice treat confirmed for the new year! Thanks Schmoo!

A treat I knew couldn’t disappointment was a stop at Baileys home store in Ross on Wye, which has long inspired me for interiors and life. Here things truly looked up once more as I found another fellow autoimmuner. Picking up the book Thirlby by Amila Kakinc-Dodd I skimmed through and discovered her cookery and health book was created on the back of autoimmune issues and it’s also super easy reading. So post this post I’ll be tucked up with that. (First I may get Dad to get the real fire going and then it would be a pretty much perfect evening). The heat, sound and sight of a real fire toasting me up whilst curled in a blanket on the sofa with a good book is dreamy. Once I’ve educated myself for a bit I’ll probably swap to Bill Bryson though for some good giggles.


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