Sinners & Saints

Perhaps not as interesting a piece as you might expect. Largely it’s about cake.

The image of the day is of Sinners & Saints bakery on Lincoln Blvd. I’ve mentioned them before but they’re so amazing they deserve a whole piece. They are the only bakery that I’ve been to that prove gluten free, dairy free/vegan baking can be equally as scrumptious as normal baking. As a result when I dropped in on Saturday and they had several new flavors of such cake I walked away with 3 cakes all for myself! I did buy some for my house mate and boyf at same time, although admittedly they did not get 3 each – sorry guys!

I had chocolate and pumpkin loaf, pumpkin spice vanilla cupcake and German chocolate cake as a bark back to my recent jollybobs. Oh the delights the delights. Where on earth in Hereford am I going to find this! Next time I’ll take pictures so you can appreciate why they’re so good. Although admittedly on a taste perspective you just need to believe me!

That really was the main highlight of my life to share with you.


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