It is here that we shall complete the journey into Europe that I took a couple of weeks ago, yet feels like it was an eternity ago sadly. The downside of which is…can I even remember what I did? And the answer is ‘yes as there is a memory trigger’. And the question is ‘what is it that triggers your memory Emma?’ And the answer is cake.

Gothenburg is an amazing city. Beautiful architecture, a stunning archipelago of Islands, some inhabited some not, some solely inhabited by sheep others allow humans. Further out of the city there are a variety of interesting looking buildings and places that I’d have loved to visit but shall have to wait for next time. What Gothenburg does extremely well is Cafe culture. The most friendly, relaxed, warm, welcoming, tasty cafe culture I may have ever tasted. And for me this entire culture is summed up in one cake. The gungey chocolate brownie marshmallow meringue swirl cupcake. Okay so they may not call it that but it pretty much sums it up.

The cakes were seen in various cafes, however, I fell in love with Cafe Kringlan in the Haga area on Haga Nygata. The Haga is a very historic part of town with cobbled streets, old buildings and a string of cute and interesting independent retailers and cafes. Cafe Kringlan was the creme de la creme. You can see it’s interior in picture of the day. The cupcake I desire beyond all others is the one in the top left of the cake display, with white swirly merginue on top. Meringue so gooey that it’s almost marshmallow and when you cut into the chocolate cake it melts out like a molten cake and gooey chocolate oozes out and throws a party with the meringue. Oh just to think of it! Cafe Kringlan was the Swedish, Olde Worlde type English tea shop. Inviting, loving, relaxing decor taking you from home to home, so you can while away time watching the world go by, sipping tea and delighting in cake and waffles.

Aside from the cake eating (I broke my need to avoid dairy three days in a row for those cakes of heaven. I only mildly suffered as a result which is good too), we also went to an Ice Hockey game. Some team called the Edmonton Oilers were playing. I do have to say I love hockey. Firstly, as a rule, since most fans at the games I go to are Canadian, there is obviously nice fans to hang out with. The game itself is high energy, the players jump in and out of the game somehow with grace, speed and attitude, the goalies do some great choreography to set the ice up in front of goal, and most of all it’s the only game where when a fight breaks out the ref merely checks to see who’s throwing the best punch. One highly controversial thing happened at this game and it wasn’t on the ice. The Swedish were not prepared for North American hockey fans drinking habits and the beer ran out completely by the 2nd break period (wrong phraseology for hockey sorry Man). This was a cause of great but polite concern. To add insult to injury sadly the Oilers did not win this game. However, their mascot who is a Bobcat type thing did manage to do a back flip on top of the stairs and definitely had the best dance moves of the night, therefore I’m sure better games are to come.

The next day we took a boat trip around the archipelago which was invigorating and serene at the same time. We saw some sheep being transported by a small boat which I was most excited by, Man added ‘hey look that’s Swedish sex trafficking’. Most inappropriate yet I know many of you out there are laughing at this or wishing you’d came up with the line.

Our hotel was lovely too, amazingly I can’t remember the name of it though and deleted the confirmation now so can’t find it easily. We had sheepy type fuzzy pillows and throws and maintained the peep show glass fronted shower cubicles looking straight into the bedroom, as we had in Germany. My English sensibilities initially thought these were a bad thing but I actually think they’re rather fun – if you’re staying with your other half. Perhaps not so enjoyable with a friend and certainly most disturbing if sharing with family!

Sadly the trip came to an end. An abrupt end for us with the need to be up at 4.30am in order to make it to our return flight. Nonetheless it was an outstanding trip with wonderful people. Gothenburg I definitely hope to visit again. When I say it’s the nicest city I mean it in every aspect. And that cake……..

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