Sound baths and Twin anchors

What a combination you say. Well I said I’d tell you about my crystal Sound Bath but I was too super chill to tell you last weekend, aka I couldn’t be arsed. Then this week I’ve been in Chicago which kicked off in a great spot called Twin Anchors.

We shall start with the Sound Bath. First of all I confirm it did not involve getting into a bath. Instead you are dry and you are bathed in the sounds of instruments. I believe to expand our minds and our perception we must try new things. Trying new things can also release us from the stress of life. It was a few months ago I tried my first sound bath in Joshua Tree National Park and I found it super relaxing so I’m a convert. You sit or lie down whilst the orchestrator of events plays crystal bowls tuned to the vibrations of each of the bodies 7 chakra’s. If that’s all too hippy dippy for you it’s instruments that are played via a similar theory to twirling your finger around the top of a glass to produce sound. You may not believe in Chakras but if you remove that language your throat chakra is about speech – not really so odd, heart chakra is about feelings, again not so odd and so on. It’s actually fairly logical, the language just freaks people out and since we’re all made of energy and energy vibrates, again it’s not as odd as it sounds. So lessons over. You lie down, bathe in the sound and chill the chuff out for 90 mins.

My own mind expands though the more events of this type I attend. The more I learn to relax my mind I discover that the more you open your mind and relax it, the more super out there experiences you can have! I’d share but that’s for a later date because i don’t believe you’re ready for it and you’ll just laugh.

The venue itself perhaps over promised slightly. Imagery and description was of a mirrored infinity room. In reality it was a little more tin foil, but it was still a blast and in the smaller mirrored side room it was super cool. There were like 10 of me – what more could anyone want?

From 10 Em’s to Twin Anchors. ‘What is that you say?’ Well it’s a bar in Chicago once frequented by someone nearly as talented as me, Ahem, Mr Frank Sinatra. A proper old school joint with fantastic service and good good. No airs no graces and no pretense just good food, good prices and good people. Rare in this day and age.

Chicago was a fabulous trip all around with good heartens people; which as you can tell is something that resonates strongly with me.

Pretty much straight from Chicago I was headed to the Catalina Wine Mixer, which was of course fabulous and the reason I missed posting this weekend. I haven’t the energy to tell you about that just yet though. That will have to wait! I’m quite sure it’s worth the wait though!


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