Comedy of errors

A worryingly sad reminder of our impatience and expectation for instant results and responses came last week, via what I can only refer to as a comedy of errors.

Whilst in the UK working I left my laptop cable at head office, not realizing until I got back to my parents a 3 hour drive away. With a flight 4 days away and a weekend of family visits in between I didn’t have time to go back for it. ‘It’s okay’ I thought, ‘I’ll get it sent to me’. It was sent but it didn’t arrive in time. Therefore my next idea was to order a charger from amazon to arrive ready for when I got back. I arrived back in LA to a message that my delivery was delayed.

So on my first day back, awake at 5am from jet lag I was trying to find somewhere in LA to go buy it. It was mind blowing to me that the only stores that sold the exact charger didn’t open until 10am. 10am store opening for a major retailer – LA might be one of the laziest or snooziest cities I know. I hated yet also admired it.

It would be a lie to say I couldn’t work as result of no charger and a dead computer. I made calls and planned my week out on paper. Also, I guess it’s no different to the days of old, if you held all your work in a notepad or a paper file and lost that. In fact not as bad as I only needed to charger. A lost notepad needs a flipping miracle. In any event, it felt absurd in this day and age in a city the size of Los Angeles that I had to wait until 10am to buy what I needed. Yet it also feels so sad to be in a world where that kind of speed of gratification is expected.

This lead me into a series of yoga classes to get me back into a world where I can slow my pace and attempt to resist some materialism; save for the floral jeans from Lucky jeans and some fabbo silk PJ’s.

Then this weekend I went to a very different yoga class with my friend. It was a warm room and constant flow of moves. It was amazingly good but damn was it sweaty. I literally had to give up on doing hand stands due to the fact that I had turned my own yoga mat into a liquid version of an ice rink with my own sweat. It was so slippy that when I was trying to get my legs up, my arm slipped, then my foot slipped and I accidentally kicked the yoga instructor in the guts. Thankfully he was relaxed and didn’t take it personally. Never before has sweat literally been flowing off my face whilst flowing through my vinyasa. I nearly had to swim out the class with a unicorn floaty. Namaste. Sat Nam. Then bring on the nom nom.

Next we hit Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks, where I had a delightfully tasty gluten free, dairy free chocolate donut. Not so good as my friend Al’s Salted Chocolate brownies but amazing nonetheless. I most recommended eatery I must say. The pic of the day is the entrance hall to this fab joint, which in itself won me over.


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