Oh it’s Sunday again

What a week. It’s flown by. For anyone who lives away from home whether in a foreign country or a long distance within your own country, I’m sure you’re accustomed to trying to fit so much in. I’ve been back for one week and it feels both like an eternity and no time at all.

This evening the usual ‘heading back to the US, away from family, friends and the beautiful British Countryside’ dread is settling in. The highlight that makes it all seem worthwhile is that in two weeks I’ll be seeing my lovely Man who I have missed very much.

I have had a lovely mini break as ever in England. I managed to get out on the horses for the first time in 18-24 months, which was delightful. I caught a lovely evening meal with most of the Stockbridge crew, catered to my specific requirements by Allan Haughie of the wonderful McCrimmon & Reid caterers. So delightful in fact that we found a definite need to sneak into his house the next day and create a surprise. Oh what friends we are.

In Herefordshire there was family galore, new babies, new homes, old homes, walks in the sun and the rain, car batteries being drained, or at least a belief it was drained as opposed to me forgetting how to start a manual car, thereby dragging my brother and his friend out to not rescue me, since it turned out i didn’t need rescuing at all. There was cakes and cobblers and the highlight of it all was being let loose with a hedge trimmer, and letting loose like Edward Scissor hands on speed around my parents garden.

Beyond the snapshots offered above I must keep this entry short and sweet because my brain functioning is short lived and neither sweet nor amusing in its offerings. Thus this post has potential to be equivalent in boredom levels to…. well I’ve sat here trying to think for about 20 minutes as to a witty metaphor and I draw a blank.

Earlier this evening while trying to enjoy some delicious plum crumble and custard, a deranged yet secretive British fowl dropped a delightful mini turd straight out of the sky and into my bowl. That perhaps explains the energy low I now find myself in. Nothing can be worse than poop in custard I’m sure.

Picture of the day is from a delightful walk in the Hampshire countryside down near Abbots Ann – yes Man you do get blue skies in England.


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