In the twilight zone

Perhaps not quite in the twilight zone but that moment when you’re not sleeping properly due to jet lag. So it’s 2.47am and you’re wide awake despite only 8 hours sleep in the last two days. What to do… write, or at least start to write a blog post of course. I may fall asleep part way throuxndjeeaqlltnntn zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. only kidding!

One of the weird things in travelling life that surprises me is how many people on picking their hand luggage out of their tray, once it’s gone through the security scanner at the airport, just abandon the tray in situ and walk off. It’s not time consuming or difficult to just pick it up and put it in the pile at the end. It’s a system. It works. I interpret it as a sort of arrogance, that I’m sure has got worse. Do people think it’s below them to stack a tray? or do they simply not even stop to think, which would be equally as concerning. I felt accomplished whilst waiting for my bags to pile up about 12 trays from other people. Doing so helped all our bags come through quicker and ensured there were trays for the people starting the security screen. A lovely pilot acknowledged my efforts in a positive way and I felt happy. It’s the little things that count be it the putting of your tray away or the humble acknowledgement of the minor effort to keep a system running.

I then had a fabulous drive with what has become my usual taxi driver; an ex policeman who is supremely kind and good to chat to. He must be pretty nice as usually I’m anti social after a flight! Yet instead for hours we went into a whole world of spiritual chats and observations on the structures of society past, present and future.

It is amazing how it is possible to develop the most supportive relationships with people via the most unlikely of paths and sometimes the most short lived of moments. We both shared very personal stories we share with very few people, and found many similarities, in aspects of our lives to date and our outlook on our future. These moments are a real lesson in not judging books by their cover, in appreciating the depths of every human being and importantly what value you can gain by taking the patience, openness and interest to understand more about those around you. We are indeed all onions with our many, many layers of life and experience creating the person you see before you, and indeed the person you don’t see before you. Finding that which is unseen at the surface is often the most powerful for ourselves and our understanding of others.

We talked about my blog as it happens too. I was mentioning I set it up as a way to share my adventures of travel overseas to friends and family. Yet I think it may have become less about adventure and travel and more my personal philosophies, mumblings if you will, on the world around me and more to the point society and my interactions with it.

This could be a sign I need to travel more, it could be a sign I am due to be the next Socrates (mwah haha even I’m laughing at that, but damn I look good in a toga) or it could be that the world becomes a crazier place and it’s hard to ignore. I definitely think I should adventure more even if the others have elements of truth too. Did you know Komodo island has both dragons and pink sand – what a perfectly incongruous pairing!

On that note I’d love to say I’m going back to sleep, but as I’m wrapped in darkness and indeed my blankets, including a delightfully faux furry one from Arthur Lee, it is now gone 4am and I believe the time for sleep may have passed! Darn and blast, I must push on through to dawn and then to infinity and beyond! Or at least until tomorrow night and on that note, to coin the phrase from the famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore, adjusted somewhat to my needs, ‘happy Saturday to all and to all a goodnight’ or morning depending where in the world you are just now.

PS the most beautiful antiques and interiors store, Arthur Lee, where my fuzzy blanket of heaven came from is in Knutsford near Manchester. Anyone up that way I advise a visit, layers of beautiful items, beautifully merchandised and the loveliest of teams that work there too.

PPS I also totes mcoates stole picture of the day from my brothers Instagram – chars Bro! I think in that split of yellow, that is where this twilight zone is, just there.

PPPS I am adding only to comment that all these pp’s kind of reminded me of that scene from Austin Powers where you think he has stopped peeing and he just keeps going.


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