Mind me migraine

Sadly this weekend has not been quite as intended. Following my unplanned extended travel from East to West, that left me with approximately 4 hours sleep in 48hrs, my weekend began with a severe migraine. My migraine triggered bleckyness also (hopefully the meaning of that is decipherable to all), leaving me confined to barracks for 24 hrs and pretty drowsy and lacking energy for the following 24. Even now I still have a lingering ache in the middle of my head which is frustrating.

Some gentle yogic stretching was partaken of to help move the blood and release aches and toxins though walking to the class was not so pleasant. A combination of hills, higher than my usual elevation and the smoky air from nearby brush fires meant my lungs were screaming when I arrived. Not quite the zen state I had hoped to arrive in but thankfully they had lemongrass cooled face towels to partake of!

Sunday plans were in place for a wonderful float down the river in Penticton on the South of the Okanagan but sadly weather changed and that was not to be. Meaning that little 7 km of natural lazy river will have to wait until next year. Poop.

As a result of my house ridden nature I have little to add of specific interest other than from a film and TV perspective. I did watch Popstar, Never Stop Never Stopping and also The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which is an adaptation of a book, based on a true story which I had previously read. As ever the book is better but it provided an easy Sunday lunch watching. Popstar was a very funny film – I wasn’t initially convinced but it was good in a ridiculous mockumentary way. Also on the film reel so to speak was GLOW, a series based in the 80’s about a group of women who become part of a wrestling show – both funny, touching at times and simply entertaining all around. I recommend it. Great for some 80’s throwback music and clothes!

Next in the watch list I believe will be the Alienist that may be tonight as likely I shall still not move from the sofa. Awkward emoji face!

Picture is of the mighty Niagara because I don’t think previously I’ve given the visual of it enough focus and in the pictures you need not be bothered by the millions of tourists around you. It is purely beautiful.

P.s did you know the National Parks have live cams of bears up in Alaska. Google it and watch. That is pure nature, pure beauty, purely breathtaking. It is a new favourite thing to do. Perhaps instead of trophy hunting people may consider funding the set up of more initiatives like this one to bring the beauty and triumph of nature for more to see and admire. It’s a thought and could still provide jobs balancing the economic argument.


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