Hatred of travel

Most people who travel frequently for work will tell you it ain’t as glamorous as it seems. Tonight we have another delay. I haven’t even left my departing airport yet although I was due to over 3 hrs ago. As a result I miss my connection. Meaning I don’t get to destination tonight but I also have no confirmation on the timing of onward flight nor if I have a hotel or may end up sleeping at airport.

I hate airports. I hate travelling. The glamour is zero and delays are the norm not the exception. This is why my adrenal glands and in turn thyroid are fucked.

I am a bad person and I have destroyed myself. A failing body is my reminder to self. Just because I live where palm trees grow doesn’t mean life is pure joy. Trees are trees and at end of day it’s an Oak Tree I chose to tattoo to my skin not a palm tree. There are reasons.

Public despair moment over. Picture of somewhere someone sent me in a message. I can’t remember but it’s not where I am.

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