Tron-uh and Canadia at large

Where oh where is Tron-uh you ask? Why in Canada! Spelt in what I deem to be the phonetic version of how the locals say it. Not only have I been to Tron-uh but I hit a bucket list number with a visit to Niagara Falls and of course a standard visit to Kelowna to see the lovely one, otherwise known as Man.

Having taken the red-eye overnight Saturday to allow time for a visit to Niagara Falls. Whilst I have no regret in taking time to see the falls the red-eye was perhaps unnecessary and as I write this section I haven’t slept in about 34 hrs and I’m feeling it but I digress.

I landed at 6am and decided to head to Niagara-on-the-lake for breakfast having heard it was a bit quaint. It is beautiful! So lush and green yet also vibrant with planters at every turn bountiful in orange, yellow, pink and red flowers. All the properties are different and all with beautiful styling. It was like the Cotswolds of Canadia (from what I’ve seen so far!).

From here it was onto Niagara Falls itself. I had heard not such amazing things about the town itself. I would agree it is not impressive. The falls are of course a magnificent spectacle. I think probably when my Dad came to see them years ago in his 20’s he probably got a much better experience. It is fair to say that the commercial opportunity has been exploited in every which way, so whilst their natural beauty is undeniable it is somewhat masked and shouted down by the noise and distraction built up around it. Not a serene and powerful natural experience but one i’m happy to have seen. I realize this is only my opinion but when viewing the beauty of nature I prefer that to be centre to the whole experience. I appreciate millions of visitors such as myself coming makes it tough to preserve as well.

I may not be a fan of the town of Niagara next to the falls but the Chef at the Old Stone Inn where I stayed is a legend. I explained I couldn’t have gluten or dairy and she came out asked what exactly caused the problem, I explained my Hashimoto’s and she knew about it, knew exactly what I could or couldn’t have, suggested menu alternations, sat with me and gave advice in general whilst generally being a supportive and amazing person. If you come here and you’re staying stay at the Old Stone Inn or at least eat here.

From Niagara it was due to be Tron-Uh city itself. Indeed it was Tron-uh but the exact plan changed. I wanted to go to the CN tower and the Hockey Hall of game. The second admittedly not so much for myself as to prove myself a better hockey fan than Man who hasn’t been – tee he he. Myself, however had different plans to Me and I. Myself came down with a sore throat and forced the rest of us to stay indoors for the day. Puh! That said I believe I’ve already told you how lovely the Airbnb was AND I saw a second white squirrel in the park too! This one much closer.

I also experienced what was the biggest rain storm in Tron-uh in about 100 years. I talked about one down pour already but the next morning as I was trying to get into work?? Woah. It was literally rivers down the road. In the slipperiness of it all I dropped my handbag in the road and a stream literally poured into it. A colleague arrived and it literally looked like someone threw a bucket of water on him. My boots and my socks were soaked. A tram flooded and people had to swim out into the street to escape and two guys luckily escaped an elevator/ lift in the nick of time – they literally had 30cm or breathing space left at the top when finally two gutsy police offers managed to literally dive in and force the doors open to get them out. Tron-uh I hope you recover from it quickly and all are well!

So my trip to Ontario is now drawing to a close, in fact I’m writing this at the airport waiting to fly to Vancouver so I can go and see that lovely piece of Canadian ass that I like to call Man. What better way to pass this time than with a glass of gluten free prosecco (most are but you should check for 100% as some is held in barrels previously used with gluten and thus may infect it) and a good old book on Witchcraft. Having read the various traditions of witchcraft I establish that the Traditional Witchcraft of Britain resonates most with my beliefs.

‘Oh jeez off she goes again’. Yet let’s put it this into another context. A spell is ultimately an intention, a meditation, a focus or an objective. Businesses have objectives as common place – an end result to focus on and seek to achieve. Such is a spell. Ultimately people freak out over semantics and ultimately in my opinion spells are a far more interesting an approach.

Oh how many rituals we honor today that were originally Pagan/Natural/earth focused traditions of Britain. All Hallows’ eve – in fact the end and beginning of the Celtic year, in Mexico Dia de Los Muertos. Yule which is 21st December – for Christmas you may have a Yule log (scrummy chocolate cake now denied to me, myself and I), yet this links to the Celtic Yule ceremony – it would traditionally be an Oak Log to be set fire to. The Spring Equinox or Ostara is named after Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre or Eastre – sound familiar? Celebrated with eggs and hares as symbols.

Somehow I have fully digressed. Would come as no surprise to my boss who confessed this week he finds meetings with me and another colleague challenging as we have a tendency to go off on tangents. Oops. I always like to think useful/ interesting/ funny tangents. In any event I gave tips on how we can keep on track.

So onward to Kelowna good people. I’ll see you on the other side of the country.

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