Today it rained

Today I was inspired to write early by an unexpected downpour that happened to be in Toronto, yet location is kind of irrelevant. Except the reason I was outdoors was in search of the elusive white squirrels of Trinity Bellwoods in said city.

As I was crawling amongst the undergrowth I noticed the skies darken and a soft rumbling echoed faintly in the distance. ‘I recognize these signs’ I thought to myself and decided to head further away from my Airbnb to enjoy it for longer. Some minutes later the heavens began to open as the gentle rumbles grew in force to heavy cracks of electricity opening up the skies.

I wanted to sit down and enjoy the splendor of it, yet my sensible side persuaded me that to sit on a metal bench might take my interaction to an all too personal level with the lightning, and then I may not be able to write about its majesty which would be sad. So I moved along.

Whilst the extended walk back may not have directly helped my health, it poured pure light into my being. I was walking home in my summer dress and flip flops as the rain went torrential on me, and you know what – It was fucking perfect! ‘Do you really need to swear Emma?’ And the answer is yes. Because this wasn’t a soft delicate kind of perfect, it was full on, smack you in the face, shock you out of misery, remind you that life is more than we’re taught to expect of it in the Western world kind of perfect, and someone somewhere wants us to remember that. Mother Nature is up there and damn she’s forceful. One day she’ll send the rivers of Niagara to squash the absurd mini Vegas that has been put so rudely on her doorstep (more on that in a post that I haven’t posted yet because I’m doing this completely out of sync)

The downside of the soaking is that I’m now working on an even more limited wardrobe having soaked two outfits in my sweat yesterday. So good luck to anyone hanging around me for the next two days!

I also found a yoga studio to go to tonight called Laura and went to Sam Brown’s Coffee on Queen St West in Toronto; where not only do they do good coffee but also an amazing gluten free, vegan chocolate cookie. Thumbs up all around. Also of note is that my Airbnb is amazing and it’s owner Alex Perlin, is an amazing artist with an amazing studio for me to stay in

Pictures show the grey clouds of the neighborhood and a friendly dinosaur I passed on my way.


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