Middle Earth

Well not quite Middle Earth more middle America or maybe it is middle earth if you believe in an above and below earth – hmmm one to ponder hey. The point is that this week I’ve been in the mid-west and the mid-west is pretty darned nice.

It was admittedly a flying visit with one day in Chicago which really I saw the least of, them Milwaukee and onto Minneapolis. Largely in Chicago I was in an industrial estate area so not much to say, I did get to visit a client up in Highland Park which was a really nice area before zipping off to Milwaukee. What I found on this day is that finding food that is both dairy free and gluten free, especially in the coffee shop snack selection is incredibly hard. I kid you not on day one of attempting to do my new eating habits I did not eat until evening simply because nowhere had anything. At the airport I stocked up on kind bars which meet my needs so as to cover for all instances.

Up in Milwaukee in the evening I managed to get the hotel to make an omelette which I was unusually thankful for, but other than that I was tired from driving and went to bed. Next day I headed to visit a client and drove around beautiful, neatly manicured neighborhoods, of picture perfect American dream homes, before zipping up to Mequon. Mequon was a delightful little town, again picture perfect homes, lush green lawns and woodland with a town centre chock full of traditional buildings. I sat and had a drink by a lovely pond, before some bugs started to eat me and I moved on. The town had a super welcoming, relaxed and friendly charm. My friend I’d met here was saying how she loves the mid-west because it’s so friendly and relaxed and I see what she means. I compared it to how the beautiful coast of Wales is untapped compared to Devon and Cornwall and that is kind of how this area is compared to say the Hamptons.

Next on the list I flew to Minneapolis. Here I learnt that if the Airbnb listing shows pictures of all the amazing facilities in the building, pool, spa, gym, but fails to have pictures there’s a reason. In this case I was in a male students bachelor pad. Whereas I had conjured up images of an industrial chic loft appartment, what I got was basic and quite frankly pretty dirty, you know orange stains around the base of the toilet, hair and dust all over the bath. Still the guy was quick and friendly and it is I that has learnt a lesson, although privately I will suggest he includes some pictures of the actual appartment. I wasnt in the appartment long though as I headed out to meet up with a friend who recently moved to the city from LA. We had a lovely evening catching up and then toward the end 4 guys came over and said ‘excuse me but I’ve got to let you know that you are wearing literally the best t-shirt ever’, thumbs up and smiles all around. Why thank you!

Yes Megan – Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels got me some positive vibes and serious street cred from the local crowd! Good purchase – hehe. And to think I didn’t even know who they were until our trip to Palm Springs!

Picture of the day was taken in Mequon, meeting with the lovely Christine Viola of Christine Viola PR. We were particularly taken by the neon ‘Schlitz on tap’ sign in the background – truly in the mid-west, no kombucha here!

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