So this week I was diagnosed as having the autoimmune disorder, disease, whatever you wish to call it, Hashimoto Thyroiditis. In simple terms my own body is trying to kill off its own thyroid gland and in turn send various of my other organs into slow mode. I am not alone although it’s frequency seems to be unsure; one study says 1 in 500 Americans have it another says 3 in every 1000 in any population have it. In any case, even though I’m not alone and many people have far worse issues, I confess I’ve felt pretty miserable about it.

Why to feel miserable – I feel I must have let myself down someway at some time for my own body to attack itself. Stress or virus often initiate it and I have definitely been stressed. ‘Sorry my good self for not looking after you sooner!’

So I may be on lifelong hormone treatment to support it. I’m in good company though as supermodel and IT girl Gigi Hadid has it, has does Zoe Saldana the actress, Sex and the cities Kim Cattrall and even rapper Missy Elliot. You notice no men – it primarily affects women, i’m not just ignoring the guys. I love you guys! Somehow knowing these rock star ladies have handled it makes me feel a little better.

I’m not prepared to just take the medical system issued drugs. I accept I may well need to rely on them to some extent, maybe for life, but I am committed to helping my own self heal myself so much as is possible and this won’t be easy. Top route causes are typical allergens – Dairy, well yeah I already had knocked that off the list having found I was highly intolerant, but now I HAVE to add gluten to the list of no no’s. For short term at least, to give me a stronger fighting chance to feel better sugar also has to take its marching orders. All of this together my good people means…. no effing cake! So anyone who knows me, knows this will be tough and I thank you all in advance for your support in keeping me away from temptation and thus away from ill health.

As with all things there’s got to be a silver lining. Let’s face it, if I can do this, and I HAVE to do this, I’m going to have the best skin and be the most slim line tonic version of myself ever! Note to all: slim line tonic with a little gin will still be on the menu even if not for the next month or so – I already checked both ingredients are gluten free – phew!

It’s amazing once you know what’s up how so many things make sense. Anyone noticed how many times I have written about memory loss – yup classic symptom of the thyroid under performing! So when I forgot what I was doing and put body lotion in my hair as conditioner today I now have an excuse for my stupidity! Also, feeling the cold more so than others, I think we’ve all seen me being dramatic about that. There’s a number of other symptoms that resonate clearly with me that I reasoned off to all sorts of things in the past.

And so life’s adventure continues. Not news I wanted that’s for sure but I’ll hold onto that silver lining; I like Gigi Hadid may yet find myself on the Victoria Secrets catwalk, if only my legs were 3 ft longer!!

Pic of the day is me practicing my supermodel moves down at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) ready for when I hit the big time alongside Gigi and Bella!


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