My Mayan

This week I continue on my journey toward the light (oh how I can imagine a few choice faces inadvertently being pulled as you read! Hehe) and as part of this I went to a lecture by an ancient Mayan teacher. It is so intriguing to watch how the movements of today were part of cosmic charts set centuries ago.

I can’t for one second claim to be a knowledge on ancient Mayans or their philosophy, although I will be reading into it more. I have however long believed that the ancient civilizations had a level of intelligence we have locked ourselves off to so I’m excited to see if I can open my own mind more in future. Levitation is a new goal alongside flying a broomstick.

It’s interesting how religion is widely accepted yet spirituality that looks to the earth or solar system seems to be feared or laughed at. Admittedly if you’d viewed by morning yoga class at the point 40 people were dancing and shaking their bodies whilst on all fours to release their energy, it would be worthy of a good laugh. I did laugh. It was fun. Yet I digress, it is accepted that a woman got pregnant without sex and gave birth to a guy who turns loaves of bread into fish. Perhaps this did happen or perhaps it’s a metaphor, either way is irrelevant as to question or knock it is not my point. What’s strange is that this is accepted and okay to believe in, yet a spirituality practice such as Kundalini Yoga or Wiccan or Paganism which seek the givings of the earth itself and solar system, both of which we scientifically know have healing properties to give or have a notable affect on the actions that take place on earth e.g the moon causes our tides, and everyone thinks it’s craziness or the joining of a cult (Man calls it a cult but he’s just scared that I’m going to or already have taken over his mind Mwah haha).

Something tragic did happen to me today though, so clearly I need to up my meditation practice a notch. After yoga I headed to ‘Saints & Sinners’ on Lincoln Blvd (here she goes again down some weird mumbo jumbo route I hear you say, but no!), which is a cake shop that suits my needs by having an amazing selection of dairy free cakes. I lined up a delicious selection for myself, my roomie and her boyf. I then went to pay and discovered I had left my wallet at home. Noooooooooo. Denial of cake is an offense to my inner sentiment. I’m not sure what lesson I take from that other than ‘don’t take your effing wallet out your bag and leave it on the floor you dick’, so that is the lesson i take.

I now have a day of organization ahead of me. It is time to tidy the house, clear the closet and clear the mind, or at the very least feel like I’ve been productive before I fly to Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis tomorrow.

Picture of the day is me on my first electric scooter session to the beach. Such fun!

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