Damn that key

Today started well with 9am yoga bringing zen like calm to my inner being, ready to be further expanded later as I would be uplifted to make it to my 5.30pm Kundalini yoga class at the Ra Ma institute in Venice (Ra means Sun and Ma means moon). Following a nice lunch local to home, whilst reading a super fab book ‘Last seen Alive’ by Claire Douglas, I was feeling content and relaxed as I returned to my appt. Then my calm was thwarted by a key.

Every time I try and get into this building my key either won’t open the lock, or on the occasions it does, it then won’t come out the lock. Today the door opened with ease and I forgot the doors tendency not to release the key. I suddenly found my self flung face first into the door, as the opposing energies of my forward momentum into the building and the static nature of my hand on the key, got into a disagreement as to whether I should or shouldn’t go in.

I handled this mild difference of opinion initially with calm. Yet confess after about a minute of calmly trying to wiggle the key to freedom I lost my cool. A magical array of expletives were unleashed at the lock. Clearly it could tell I was no longer in the mood to be messed with and at last released its hold.

To calm myself I reverted to reading about murder and deceit. A classic tonic for a relaxed mind before shortly departing for my yoga and ascension to a lighter place where keys can not taunt me.

Picture of the day is from my sun lounger at Pechanga hotel and casino in Temecula, where I enjoyed a fabulous weekend at the kind invite of a lovely lady and her family, who hosted us delightfully. The swim up bar in the back of the scene was genius and we whiled away several hours drifting from there to the sun loungers. I was of course factor 50’d to the max also sporting a sun hat, neatly accessorized with an attractive towel draped like a tent over it to protect my delicate English whiteness. ‘I am attractive’ is a statement I’ve associated with in irony a number of times this weekend, not least when I grew an uncontrollable food baby post dinner on Saturday night and when I did my best impression of drunken woman wine tasting.

As ever good people – stay classy!


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