All gone quiet

That is I went quiet. I was enjoying time with Man and failed to find anything I could give enough time too aside from badgering him. Bad blogging form right? Yeah I know but I can live with that, and I know you can all live without my voice in your head; after all our lives are lived outside of technology.

Poor Man. Since we spend so much time apart when we are together I find I literally can’t be too far away from him. Whilst I hate to admit in front of him (and no chance he’ll read it on here so it’s fine), even I recognize it possibly sometimes moves into the ridiculous. Like a little Roo attached to its Kanga, afraid to let go in case he hops off (probably a less than ideal simile but it came to mind and I had to add as it conjures a funny image in the mind).

Rather than being anywhere near so soft and fuzzy as the above description might suggest, this weekend Man was my very own Jaks Teller, which likely already makes sense to any fans of Sons of Anarchy. Yep indeed, he took me out for a nice lakeside spin on his motorbike – yippeee! I felt like a true biker chick, save for the fact my personal coolness factor is on par with chocolate sat on a fire grate.

We visited the Oakanagan resort for a drink, soft drink for anyone in concern, and this in itself was an experience. It had the vibe of the resort from dirty dancing, and as if it hadn’t had much investment since. There were facilities and buildings galore but many were closed. We ended up following signs that took us in a weird game of snakes and ladders. Up stairs, down stairs, around buildings and obstacles and never quite reaching our destination. The best sign was for a Tiki bar pointing into the gym.

Whilst it felt like a ghost town and could do with some help I truly hope it gets that investment, it wouldn’t need much updating to be a wonderful resort to travel to, in one of the most beautiful locations.

On the way home it was agreed I could do the waving to fellow bikers we passed. I failed to pass this simple initiation into the world of cool bikers, since I was so busy gawping at the beautiful surroundings I forgot. Then I got stage fright and half lifted a finger for fear of being spotted as a fraud, leading to a saddened rub of my knee by Man. Oh how I let the side down. So I need to do some work before I’ll be allowed out again. More amazement from this little road trip was to learn that you lean you body into turns on your bike and push handles the opposite way – Man says I’m into weirdo stuff but what kind of black magic is this centrifugal force!!

We also had a fabulous trip out on the Okanagan lake courtesy of Man’s friends. They have a lovely boat that we were also able to sleep on. We started our evening by shimmying on up to a music concert in the park, for a private hearing before heading on from Kelowna down to Peachland to tie up for the night. Apologies boaters my terminology is likely all off kilter.

It was so refreshing to have the breeze in our face and casually almost drift along. I can’t lie though it’s the times when we hit the speed I found the most fun. We also saw a seagull catch a fish which met my nature requirements for the day. Side note, but the next day we saw some sort of rotund squirrel/ gofer at the golf course – never seen anything like it. Amazing. It’s the simple things I guess.

Anyway after our night on the boat and perhaps one cider too many i had a funny turn on the return journey. I had to forewarn that I might be sick rather imminently overboard, since I’m so pale anyway no one could sense the draining of color from me that might be an indicator of oncoming illness. Thankfully, astutely I was offered a burger bun and once more we were off and my nausea was taken away with the wind without the need for my dignity to be taken with it.

The weather in Kelowna was gorgeous. All weekend above 30 degrees, with the green trees towering in the mountains above and the lake glistening below. Taking advantage of this we also decided to take out a floating tricycle thing, it’s like a pedalo but massive wheels and it’s a tricycle on water, so not really a pedalo at all. Anyway, it looked exciting and the water looked tempting, and about 5 minutes into it we were bitching as to how hard it was, and on viewing the watch thinking the end must be nigh we realized we weren’t quite at 20 out of 60 minutes. So we then cycled a bit and sat for a while letting the water take us. During this time of great observation and reflection I considered what would be the best floaty for us. They had a massive peacock one the last time I was at Burford Garden Centre in the Uk, I’m going to try and find that. I could more happily float along as a colorful peacock than cycle on water.

Sadly as ever all good things have an end, even if only a temporary end and so I find myself returned once more from an adventure. In pics of the day you’ll see biker dudes, yeah I include myself. Main picture is from the terrace of the Okanagan resort (you can see why it could be amazing!) and also the Gyro beach down in Kelowna, where we enjoyed our tricycle experience.

One more month and I shall be back there and who knows what I shall do in between.


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