These days

Some days you just have to do the stuff you’d rather delay. In this case my UK tax return preparation (I’m too lazy or easily confused to do the full return myself so I only pull the info together and hand over). I have combined tax return with Yoga, Running, Astrology and a Sound bath. So plenty of the good stuff too.

All that said, whilst the run may be good for me in end results, it felt miserable for a variety of sections in the heat. I ran from my house in Playa Del Rey down to Manhattan Beach pier. My favourite part was near El Segundo where there was a high section of wall that sheltered me from the sun. Low points were generally overheating in the sun and notably at Dockweiler beach, where I needed water from the fountain and someone had helpfully vomitted very close to it, leaving an aroma so nauseous that I had to forego said water, thus making the next stretch fairly painful too.

I did approximately 6 miles then called an Uber to take me home and sweated all over the poor guy’s exceptionally clean car. The drive back was nearly as much of a challenge as the run, as I sought to hold all my limbs off his seats to prevent suncream sticking to the nice black leather. I was mostly successful.

Picture of the day if you can see them, showcases the human seals otherwise known as surfer dudes and dudettes lined up along El Porto this morning. Oh how I wanted to dive in with them.

In astrology i then learned of the 3 up coming eclipses in the next 6 weeks and how these will be shaking things up a bit; something I feel I’ve already been getting sense of. Again, whilst it’s viewed as somewhat hippy dippy these days there was a time in history where astrology and Astronomy were considered equal. If we consider that we know the tides occur due to the pull of the moon, then the concept that energies from outside of planet earth have an affect on us isn’t so far fetched. One to ponder!

From astrology it was on to Yoga and bathing in sound. The yoga at the start of the session was short, sweet and gentle. Today my mind has been racing so trying to focus in on the sound alone was not easy. Whilst I had to consciously bring myself back into the zone from time to time, I had notable moments of drifting in and out of my body and truly break from the everyday (not from reality! I know some of you thought that). Extremely relaxing.

Now I’m feeling an urge for an extremely large cake. Not going to happen because it’s super late and I can’t get one. Not very yogic I’m sure but certainly it would be found in my utopia!

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