An Independence Day interlude

Today on July the 4th I break once more from my own weekend posting tradition to bring some wise thoughts to the table. Guess where I’ve been this morning?? Yes dear followers I’ve been yogi’ing myself again, and it was sitting near enough on the lap of your fellow yogi’s room only today such was the desire to join Guru Jagat in her 4th July class.

This lady is grounded, down to earth, relatable and funny, even to someone whose mind finds the concepts she believes in a little unbelievable. I of course in the words of Man, have already drank the Kool-Aid. We’ll start with the wise before we get into the crazy.

‘Independence requires interdependence’ these were the first three words spoken to us in today’s class. It refers to the fact that we can’t keep on believing that self success and going it alone works. It’s okay to ask for help and support and to offer it. By embracing what others offer we ourselves can become stronger and thus independent. To do this individuals and the world need to truly embrace compassion. Compassion and empathy for all different points of view, the upside of which is that only through this can you truly have compassion for yourself – so I know it’s okay that half the time I don’t know what I’m doing, in fact many people don’t! But our society has been built around an expectation that by age 18 if not sooner we should have our lives planned and we should fit into certain concepts and to feel bad if that hasn’t yet happened, or shock horror that we don’t want it to happen. I want to travel the world, fly a broomstick and have an out of body experience without the need for drugs, alcohol or a tragic accident. Don’t like that ? well you can accept our differences or knob off to the corner of the metaphorical room and think about what you’re doing for a while.

Think of this. There is extensive research regarding personalities. From Freud, Myers-Briggs to Jung and everyone in between. Overviewing all known research whatever theory you do or don’t buy into there are clearly multiple facets to each of our personalities, and our personalities can further be affected by genetics through to current situation. Meaning working ourselves out can be challenge enough. And how much time do we generally allow for that? Non because it’s seen as self indulgent or weird. Do with this what you want of course, but i find the concept intriguing in terms of what we can learn from it.

Empathy and compassion for ourselves and each other will allow us to have conversations and discussions where we can disagree but disagree positively and find new ways forward without aggression and oppression. Wise or at least thought provoking bits over.

In the class we also danced like a bunch of idiots on our yoga mats folded in half – imagine the scene 50 people or whatever in a room facing the front in lines dancing like loons – hang on I think there is a concept like that? In any event it looked wilder in this situation. ‘How do you take is seriously?’ A friend asked. Well I don’t take it too seriously. It’s 50 people dancing like loons, dressed in Sunday morning kundalini yoga clothes – from an objective point of view based on modern thinking we looked crazy – so I just smile, laugh and get the fuck dancing! After that we had 10 minutes sat crossed legged aggressively throwing our upper bodies around to tribal drums – again who cares, it was fun, it made me smile, it got the blood pumping and the lungs working. But when I think about it we probably ‘looked’ like cult psycho’s.

After the class I went to treat myself to a lavender latte (not a new thing I have long been a fan of everything floral flavored – rose and violet cremes are heaven!). Sadly my card was rejected as I hit my limit. Nonetheless I met a great guy called Ron who was a classic older Venice resident, cleaning his super expensive BMW motorcycle, with his Shockwave Mini Cooper on the Drive way – limited edition it seems. Also his next door neighbor is Steve Davies – we share a name, we’re both English and that’s a thing – we should know each other really.

It’s now late. I’m in bed. This may make little sense but alas it is what it is. I sleep, therefore I am not quite.

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