What’s occurring?

Well what indeed you ask, and I ask, and many others might ask. I am reading a fantastic book. It’s highly unusual for me to read non fiction but that is what today’s choice is and I’m already half way through. My book of choice is ‘Who thought this was a good idea?’.

The book is written by Alyssa Mastromonaca, the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to Barack Obama’s administration. Why did it catch my eye? It was not because she was young and female operating in such a role. It was because she was all those things and above all appeared grounded and down right funny. And she is.

Given that the content of the book is the memoirs of a role that held huge responsibility I was laughing openly at parts of it. So many of the thoughts and situations she shared were ones I could relate to, even if from a very different and less notable perspective. I shall not talk further, rather I advise you all to read it. A great read, a great insight, a good laugh.

Beyond that I am trying to think what I have even done this week and it is a blur. Last night I was up at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco for the opening of an exhibition Truth & Beauty, Thursday I was at a Saved by the Bell, pop up styled restaurant (hopefully everyone remembers this High School delight of a programme with Screech?). The highlight was the super hot lady dressed as Slater; having given attention to all levels of details one may require for dressing as a guy. I included a picture for the day – you’re welcome!

I have continued my new format yoga craze with classes most days and I shortly shall head out on a special 4 hr class this afternoon! I’m going to channel my energies toward mind control. It’s intended for ones own mind but I’m thinking world domination, although via a more inclusive and humorous form of take over than the dictatorship route favored by other persons of the ‘democratic’ world. Alternatively maybe levitation, carpet rides or broomstick flying – i can’t quite decide just yet.

[afternoon break period]

Okay some I’m back from today’s class at the yoga studio. It was not a yoga class though. I had signed up for a healing class. Which as a firm believer in the healing power of human touch and spirit I thought would be of interest (not as far fetched as you think if you consider Massage as human touch and spirit simply as acts of not being an asshole and perhaps just being a nice person). This session pushed the boundaries even of my open mind. Possibly because it kind of became a thing about religion. At times it bordered on feeling like one of those sessions you hear of, from crazed preachers charging their congregations money they don’t have. Then the priest drive’s around in Ferarri’s whilst their congregation struggle to pay the bills. It was not that though.

I have to say, whether they truly healed a woman of stage 3 cancer in front of my eyes (i’m going to try and investigate this ongoing) I can not say, but it did bring joy to a room full of people. Perhaps a spiritual placebo effect but I guess if thats what works for you then great. I was even asked to place my hands on some poor chaps neck and try and heal him. He wasn’t healed – I tried really I did thankfully it was a bad neck and not cancer that I left him with. I’m not sure I’d go back, however, it does challenge the mind and that I always say is good. And who knows just because I, and perhaps thee, are not yet convinced doesn’t mean it’s not real. I’d happily be convinced that human touch could win over antibiotics and radiotherapy and the like.

If you’re willing to stick with me on this adventure I can promise you a few things. 1) it’s probably going to get weird 2) I’ll try and ensure it’s funny 3) I’ll still be the same person 4) I won’t join a cult.

From whether there is true healing powers in crystals, to whether I can learn to heal with my hands, to will I ever manage to get my broomstick off the floor, it’ll be quite an adventure.

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