NYC bound

This is not a story from Law & Order: SVU, rather I am simply in the process of heading to NYC for a few days with work. I’ve just had a lovely couple of days with the Man and having dropped him at the airport earlier I am about to head back there myself.

An interesting ‘fact’ about sunscreen was discussed on the way to the airport, sorry Man not questioning you here but can’t claim it to be fact until I check it on the internet?!?. Anyway Man informed me that tanning is ultimately killing off skins cells and as they die/mutate they turn brown. I chose to do some research on the specifics.

A quote from Aleksandar Sekulic who is a Mayo Clinic Dermatologist states that ‘tanning is a direct response to the mutations that occur in our DNA’ which is summed up by Amy Marturama that ‘your skin is being damaged at a cellular level and that microscopic damage is what can ultimately lead to cancerous growths’. The melanin released which creates a tan is the body’s defense mechanism for the skin, so the darker the tan the harder your skin has been trying it’s hardest to protect you. With this in mind I can continue confidently and with happiness for my future to be the human embodiment of Casper the Friendly ghost when I’m on the beach; knowing I am both preventing wrinkles and minimising risk of cancer through skin mutation or indeed risk of turning into some form of zombie from mutation. I mean let’s face it in this day and age who knows what the outcome of any form of mutations could lead too – skin mutated by sun but then that mutation mixed with radio waves, x-rays and who know what else the outcomes could be anything.

I observed at the weekend, if you could take a resident of the Victorian world and drop them into a cinema to watch the latest Jurassic Park Film in 4d they’re going to have a heart attack – at no point would we have envisaged what humans or merely the natural world around us could achieve both good and bad if you went back even 20 years. I mean I’m getting on a monster big plane and flying through the sky – the concepts behind this can be mind blowing. Whilst I’m up here I’ll be watching people acting who were captured on moving film, which was then put onto catalogue held in a cloud that I can select and purchase without ever exhanging physical money, on a mobile picture screen. It’s pretty out there in many ways, we merely take for granted that it is such.

So where oh where is the invention that will stop us plugging up our world with non biodegradable packaging and prevent us as a race being the leeches on the globe that we ultimately are? (I know that’s a painful description, I include myself as a leech too) Maybe I need to invent something, although I’d need some support – as you can imagine with air flight able to blow my mind I’m clearly not scientifically or mathematically blessed. Some research shall follow.

One day I shall review my blog to check on my research promises ie do some research on my own ideas for research before getting back to you. And therein probably lies a problem at the heart of it all. The best way to get something done is to get started. I think I’m started but I see that it’s slow.

Happy thinking on those poignant points.

Picture of the day. A sign for Angle Bay in Pembrokeshire. Heaven. Paradise. Utopia. At least for me it is. Look it up and visit.


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