Random thoughts – UPDATE

Sometimes I am hit with random thoughts such as… why does someone keep throwing a turtle on the knee of singer Charlie Puth? I can’t imagine either of them are impressed by this. Amongst the variety of things one might do to get someone’s attention this seems a little extreme to me. So I had to let you still read that because I been informed it’s okay someone was only throwing ‘dirt all on his knee’ so that’s okay although comparatively boring. And super funny when I found out!! It’s like all the many other songs I hear the wrong words of – none of which I can remember just now but will come back to you!

A colleague shared a great thought with me this week that I nearly keeled over from. I said I needed to go get food ‘and I mean proper food, I’m marvin’ I stated. ‘Ah I can always rely on you to want to come out and eat, you’re like a fat person stuck in a thin persons body, it’s great’. Best thing ever. It ties in well with my response when I used to run marathons and someone would say ‘oh you must have lost so much weight’ and I would note, ‘hardly I merely see it as the perfect excuse to eat more and stay the same size’, which is an approach to exercise that has remained with me. Visiting a customer this week who’s daughter does college sport she noted how similarly, they’d got together as a team around a camp fire and were sharing emotional stories of what they run for. Their coach chipped in with ‘I’m afraid I’m just going to be honest, I run to keep the pounds off, that’s all’. Genius.

I’m currently waiting for the lovely man’s plane to land at that most glorious of locations – LAX and still whenever I say ‘LAX’ whether out loud or in my head I can’t help but think of that Rachel Stevens song ‘Sweet Dreams my LA. X’. Sad but true. So I’m penning some thoughts now as it may well be between hanging out with the man and flying to NYC on Sunday that my weekend scribe work will be lacking.

Talking of scribing wouldn’t it be fun to re-introduce a little old English into daily conversation and text? Many a person over in America (and Canada) laugh at the fact I use the words ‘thus’ and ‘whilst’ and I think it might be nice to expand on this. Although when an American colleague baffled me with some Middle English the other day, made worse whilst I was thinking Middle Earth, I considered that I may have some serious research to do in order to enact this plan. If I haven’t forgotten it by next week I’ll keep you posted.

Since we’re on the topic of text the image today is an inadvertent conversation between a colleague and her Siri which left us howling for a short while.


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