Hotel Motel, definitely Motel

Myself and a friend have ventured off to Joshua Tree for a weekend of relaxation and a visitation of Pioneertown’s most famous of bars. Thankfully we booked ourselves some great looking last minute accommodation. Take note of the word ‘looking’ referencing what we saw on booking it.

Travel out from LA to the desert was slow due to traffic but we were moving all the way. During this trip Megan acquired a free turkey wrap after accidental over production at the sub shop, alongside a wrap that had been cut strangely at far to wide an angle and thus had all its innards falling out – like the hung drawn and quartered aspect of the sandwich world, who knows what the poor thing did so wrong to deserve it. I partook of a good old Chipotle burrito and we continued on our way.

On arrival at our Motel it was clear it did not look like the pictures we’d seen online. In fact the Bates Motel sprung quickly to mind. Standards within were questionable from the lone but aged drip of liquid soap still clinging to the sink and the total lack of thought for aesthetics that went into placement of wires for TV and internet (see picture of the day).

It was dark so we did a quick scout around, double and treble checked doors were locked and went to bed hoping the sunshine would add some improvement and indeed we’d still be alive.

It didn’t. As in the sunshine did not add improvement. We were still alive though and we headed out for a Crystal Sound bath located about 20 mins away on Tumbleweed Lane – which is one of the best names for a place to live, ever. I will now try and explain, having tried one, what a sound bath is. A sound bath is an immersive, meditative, relaxing experience. You lay down and relax whilst the musician (for want of a better word) creates an orchestra of sounds using crystal bowls of various sizes and ‘playing’ them he chimes and resonates sound out of them. It was a supremely relaxing experience, I could easily have slept but sought not to. I did dip in and out of a variety of trippy Dreams – a cow trod on my foot, I was floating in clouds, I was back in England flying off the roof of my parents house – then at times there were just rainbows of light flashing through my conscious. What got me was when he finally ended the session he asked us all ‘did any of you see the lights?’. Yes, yes I flipping did.

So the sound vibrations link with the 7 main Chakras and also resonate with the nervous system to relax us. I’m no expert I can only confirm it was relaxing and very interesting and i am intrigued to know more. Early 20th century Inventor Nikola Tesla (key contribution was to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system) said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration’ and he was clever. If you can open your mind and haven’t yet tried it, it’s worth a go, there’s nothing to lose especially this one, as Indigotopia where we did it, near Joshua Tree is done outside with the soft breeze and outstanding views of the Mojave Desert awaiting you when you wake.

Post relaxation we visited Pioneer Town and here I had my soul filled further by the joys of animals. Pioneer Town is an old film set, originally invested in by the likes of Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Russell Hayden. It fell into disrepair after it was abandoned but later down the line was purchased in pieces by locals who thankfully wanted to keep the original feel of it. The bar was purchased in 1982 by Harriet and Claude ‘Pappy’ Allen amd became Pappy & Harriet’s a renowned bar in the music world. One of those havens located in the middle of nowhere and very modest yet finds itself the stage to the likes of Paul McCartney or the Arctic Monkeys at unexpected moments. Worth a google and more can be shared later as we’re off to the bar itself tonight. Pioneertown is thoroughly worth a visit if you’re in Southern California. It’s cute, it’s friendly, it has goats that jump on your lap and are super friendly and even does free action packed reenactments of Westerns on select days. The Motel in this town is also classy as heck!

Post all this adventure we stuffed our faces at the Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree – friendly, busy, tasty and cool. I got a vegan carrot cake at Natural Sisters cafe next door also amazing. We made friends with a business owner and his super nice chocolate Labrador at ‘the Station’ (a converted old fuel station now a shop, local council won’t allow them to turn it into a beer garden – huge shame as amazing location and amazing people). We’re going back for coffee tomorrow morning but for now we were off to nap.

Before napping we discovered from locals and reviews that indeed there are around 70 cameras on site at our Motel some of which guests prior have been convinced lead to their being peeked on 😳. He took two payments on my card, provided a receipt to show duplicate was credited – I will judge them based on whether that single payment maintains. If in the meantime they want to snoop on me catching flies in my sleep and enacting zombies from Sean of the Dead in the morning then that’s their concern not mine.

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