What’s your perfect Sunday?

Anyone in the know will realise the title is a line from the outstanding Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. For others it is a simply a question relevant to today’s content.

Now my Sunday wasn’t entirely perfect since it began with a dodgy constitution which amongst other things put pay to the planned hike of Mount Cucamonga. However, in place there was what by all accounts, was a highly respectable Sunday delight.

My day began with family facetime, where as often I was muted and half asleep and no where near lively (or as per the autocorrect that attempted to slip in, lovely either), yet as ever it is always a lift to see Ma and Pa. From this I spent several hours drinking tea and reading a book – The Light Behind the Window by Lucinda Riley, which is well worth a read.

Finally I realized I must get out and do physical exercise if I was to enjoy being lazy for any longer. I went for a run up toward Marina Del Rey accordingly. With no plan for exactly where or how long to run I simply went. At approximately the half way point, having dressed inappropriately for the warm weather in full length black leggings I was adopting the somewhat unhelpful fly catching pose for catching ones breath. Accordingly I did indeed catch a fly. It went straight to the back of my mouth at speed and left me gagging at the side of the footpath. Once finally we had established whether said villainous insect was going to go down or up and I was able to stop my embarrassing hurling position and continue my travels. Turns out without intent I ran over seven miles. Several times on the return I toyed with phoning for assistance but shuffled on through to the end.

Satisfied on return I could happily be lazy for the rest of the day. From here set in a home pedicure and facial before a marathon session of Luther (for anyone not in the know this is an outstanding BBC police drama featuring the outstanding Idris Elba, indeed Britain does have some of the best actors. Yet so it seems also does Canada – I watched Deadpool 2 last night and nearly pee’d myself laughing – Ryan Reynolds for anyone else not in that know is the lead actor in this. He is Canadian. It seems Canadian men are rather good, or so i’m lead to believe).

The piece de resistance was the Sunday Roast. Expertly made by my English roomie and which alongside the afternoon of BBC binge watching and tea was a heaven sent reminder of the joys of home. I see a regular tradition coming to LA with this!

Image of the day is Sunday Roast a la Maman en Angleterre. Served on classic Cornishware. Nothing but love for this.

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