Get away!

I was having a nice quiet relaxed breakfast in my favorite breakfast place (Bette’s Ocean View Cafe on 4th St, Berkeley that doesn’t actually have any ocean views). The place is for a change pretty empty. I’m sat at the breakfast bar rather than at a table and the rest of breakfast bar is empty. At least it was.

Why when there are ten empty seats would you pick the two directly next to someone? Then proceed with seal slapping over excited clapping about ‘how excited’ you are for breakfast and squealing like some deranged pig on helium in my ear? Say ‘oh my gaaaad – now i’m being really indecisive’ in a super whiny drawn out voice and you have what’s going on in my ear right now. Get the chuff away from me you idiots!!!

The food was delicious. Sadly I shall move on quickly to regain some sense of serenity that has been rudely taken from me.

May the day commence. Will smith on a fantastic episode of car pool karaoke is the image because he brings humour. Find it, watch it. It will make you smile.

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