Leaving never gets easier that’s for sure. There is no doubt I’m living out an amazing opportunity that offers a great life adventure. Nonetheless it never gets easier having to leave home; in any adventure there are times that aren’t as perfect as it may seem from the outside or on social media.

It’s not just being far away from family and friends, even the UK itself offers a level of grown familiarity that gives a comfort and support that is unmatchable.

Admittedly lying out whilst watching The Greatest Showman and reading an entire book on my flight in business class last weekend was a good distraction. The fact that by 7am on Monday morning (the morning after I landed) I had already pretty much moved apartment is also a good distraction, one that is still providing as it adds to my tiredness and excitement (always like moving into a new place – such change is uplifting). So between work and my inability to stay awake in the evenings I’ll be distracted for days yet. Even so I still feel a sadness that I know will linger in some format for the next few weeks. As weeks pass I develop a familiarity with the feeling of being away but missing home can come to the surface at any time. It’s the single hardest element of making the initial and ongoing decision of being away.

None of the above takes away from the amazing things I’ve seen, people I’ve met and gratitude to have this opportunity. It simply lives side by side with a tougher reality.

I am lucky that this weekend Man is coming to visit me. He will surely provide a happy uplifting cheer too.

Thank you Britain and Brits for the laughs and thank you in advance Americans and Canadian for the laughs to be had at the other side of the pond!

What is life if you can’t laugh.


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