NY See

This week I have once more been in the Big Apple. Probably the highlight of the trip was being upgraded to Business Class for my return flight! What a wonderful surprise and I am getting mentally prepared to savour every minute of it. Since it probably won’t happen again anytime soon.

Food was another highlight in the form of Korean BBQ at Gaonnuri which was delicious whilst providing amazing views of the city. Steak at Spring restaurant; a restaurant which changes name by season and re-styles its menu and decor to match each new season. It changed from Winter to Spring on 20th March and the entire atmosphere and food of this place was top class. Finally today I had a high class rotisserie chicken sandwich from Daily Provisions down near the Flatiron which was both filling, delicious and delivered with impeccable service too. Whilst munching on our sandwiches we also got up close to the wildlife of NYC as a squizzel decided to come and eat his nut lunch on the railing next to us.

My good friend Bex was in town at the same time. We discovered that my drinking abilities have deteriorated as each morning following at the most 4 drinks I was incredibly fuzzy as to what we even talked about.

I also become a giant whilst in NYC. Staying in the Ace hotel, which quite frankly was, well ace, I found that I was nearly as long as the beds. So I found myself waking up each morning horizontally sprawled across the bed; it was a weird parallel universe in which the bed was definitely wider than it was long. I loved it! I was not so keen of the persistent electric shocks I got from all metal surfaces. I found myself flinching in apprehension ahead of touching door handles, light switches, desks and lamps. Never more have the lyrics ‘she’s electric’ seemed more true.

Perhaps by virtue of my impromptu electric shock therapy, i perfected the ‘Doc’ from Back to the Future hairstyle. On arriving to meet my boss I took off my hat to which he gave me a strange look whilst gesturing as to the upward nature of my hairstyle. Earlier the same day during a Skype meeting and not having looked in the mirror before hand, I and about 6 of my colleagues had a similar shock at the frightened hairs screaming up from my scalp. Thank goodness I work for a creative company and not something like a law firm or financial institution!

Landing back in LA and all I can say is that I wish I could fly business all the time – the lie out bed is a game changer and the service was exquisite. Better than being in my own house – I might just move into an American Airlines flight.

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