Out of the park

Next on my Canadian adventures was a road trip across the mountains from Kelowna to Vancouver. Thankfully I was a chauffeured passenger and got to enjoy the views.

The pass coming up to Merrit was pretty much okay weather wise whilst also very pretty with all the mountains, fir trees and snow. From Merrit the weather was a little more questionable for sometime with more snow on the road than I’d have expected. As we dropped back out of the mountains the visual sight of where the snow line breaks with the cloud down into the lush green of the lower land was truly beautiful yet none of my pictures could do this any justice.

We had tickets on our first night to watch ice hockey – Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Vancouver Canucks. Man is NOT a fan of Vancouver, however, he was positively influenced by the Knights who are a brand new team to the NHL this year, yet performing already at the very top level.

Absurdly I was as ever impressed by the jumping in and out of play that takes place continuously and at pace. If I tried to hop the wall like these guys it would be shockingly less graceful and result in unplanned half somersaults with a face plant (I did something similar years ago whilst carrying a Bergen and rifle climbing over a style with Sheffield UOTC). My second favourite aspect of ice hockey has to be the goaltenders pre game dance off. What they are actually doing I realise is they are prepping the goal area to be less ‘smooth’ and I guess therefore easier to defend. However, they deliver this activity with aplomb via what appears to be a transformeresque dance routine. The Vegas goalie had a much stronger routine going on purely from a choreographic point of view! They also did win in the end but not with the ease or with the margin I may have expected. I was also proud that I managed to recognize ‘icing’ all by myself. Stating that I also realise I’m not at the stage that I can explain it to another unassisted and Man will be asleep right now (it’s 4.30am and I’m at the airport again).

Day two in Vancouver we went to the Fly Over Canada ride, which I highly recommend. It’s a 25 minute experience the highlight of which is a 4D ride (sights, sounds, smells) travelling over the different areas of Canada. If this was the first you saw of Canada you’d be a fool not to want to explore the country more. And I’m no fool so I shall explore more over time!

We were sad that Pourhouse, a fabulous restaurant and bar in the Gastown District wasn’t doing steak on its menu, since on our last visit we had the best steak ever in this place. We headed out elsewhere in search of steak which we had fixated on. In fact we should have just stayed and ate an alternative off their menu but never mind.

Next in store was a live show of Trailer Park Boys! I have become a complete obsessive and even bought Man a toque (that’s a beanie hat to you and me Brits) with Compton embroidered on it, so he could be like the character J-Roc. The show was probably not what I thought it would be, although not sure what i thought it would be either. It was, however, fantastic to see the boys live and they did not disappoint. Was interesting to see how converted onto stage different characters take more focus as their personalities lend itself to stage more. I was saddened I did not get picked to go on stage with them – maybe another time! I especially liked being able to hear ‘liquor and whores’ as sang by Bubbles, live!

Our final morning we were back to firm favourite Jam Cafe on Beatty St and it did not disappoint. I did however over indulge and spent the next hour feeling sick and needing a lie down before departure. With this Man became familiar with the Emma Carb Baby – sadly when we measured it was established that my belly growth expansion rate from sucked in to pushed out even in this instance couldn’t beat that of Randy’s from Trailer Park Boys – I need to work on this I guess.


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