Kanga & Roo

In truth half the reason I wrote about TV in my last post is because I guiltily must confess that a large proportion of time in Kelowna was spent watching TV. Awful I know, but the theory is I’ll be back plenty more times to make up for this. All this said we did conduct some interesting activities.

After two days like a cross between a hermit and a couch potato, with the onset of sofa sores I decided it was time to maximize my morning. So I threw on my running kit and headed on out for a run along the Okanagan lake. What I failed to appreciate was the altitude change between Venice beach, i.e sea level which is my usual running ground and here at 1600ft. A not wholly unfamiliar and yet not wholly pleasant sensation of burning lungs soon set in. None the less I was rewarded with the quiet still of the lake and mountains as few cars were out at the early hour. One day, when I’ve managed to get my lazy butt back into more running I shall tackle far more of this beauty.

After my morning run and a good fill of eggs and bacon it was time for the next adventure. I would think it odd that we were heading to a Kangaroo farm in the middle of Western Canada, but in a town where the local printer ink shop also sells some cracking ribs for the barbie nothing surprises me. So off we went.

The little beauty in today’s picture is Olaf the Albino wallaroo. Never shall I look more maternal than when hanging out with baby animals, the human kind not so much. We also met many other Roo’s and wallabies and mixes and discovered that a lying Roo is a hungry one. Once they’re sat up they’re focused on other things, thankfully not punching me in the face although I did approach with great caution just in case. I felt I could be at one with the Roo’s since Roo was a university nickname for myself and my wonderful friend Emma, also known as Emmaroo.

More scary were my younger childhood namesakes, the Emu’s. They have a very prehistoric psycho air about them. I felt it my duty to approach and say hi however. Pictures of that are less angelic however as the Emu in question, aside from being scary in their own right, was being followed by a Turkey known as the ‘instigator’. I didn’t want to be caught between that peck off, i’d have feared for my eyes.

Baby goats were also a delight especially the one who insisted on trying to sleep standing up on a narrow step. Oh such fun! Nothing like setting yourself a challenge. More adept than Man, he claims to sleep anywhere but he’d have fell off for sure. With a push at any rate.

This afternoon after the delights of the animals who quite frankly made my month – I really don’t get enough time around animals any more and they are a tonic to the soul. In the afternoon however, we went for a late lunch at Naked Cafe in Kelowna. Man had found it but failed to notice it was entirely vegan. For me it was heaven, since I had already been given dairy products several times over in previous restaurants despite long discussions about my intolerance – no one does it on purpose I don’t suppose but there are lot of forgetful people out there. To not have to worry about whether I have accidentally eaten dairy and may spend days following suffering the results is a simple pleasure. May I take this time to remind all that I’ve not just gone all LA on you with no dairy. Rather it genuinely makes me rather ill – if I could gorge an entire block of cheddar and emmental right now I’d be a happy lady but sadly it is not so!. Anyway back to the point in question – the vegan Naked Cafe. Thankfully the naked bit wasn’t literal as it would be both cold and awkward. We ordered a loaded poutine (chips (fries) covered in gravy and cheese) and even Man had to admit it was pretty darned good. I also had a Pink Fog which was a tea flavored with raspberry turned into a latte with fake cream and sprinkles on top. I appreciate how grotesque it sounds but damn it was good! So anyone with dairy issues or who is Vegan and in Kelowna – go here!

Anyone in LA – where can we go hang out with animals?? And I don’t mean the zoo as you can’t get close to those animals. Hmm I need to find a farm! Lucky I’m going home soon!

Question of the day – why are all my nicknames from the past linked to animals? I think I shall presume it to be part of my doctor dolittle nature. The animal world may think what it will about that.


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