So I’ve been up in Kelowna. Whilst I shall have far more interesting stories to share of my travels themselves, this initial snippet relates more to British TV.

Since this is my hollibobbing long Easter weekend it was imperative the time be used to relax. Therefore much lazy time was dedicated to ‘Netflix and chill’ as peeps like to call it. I used this time to introduce Man to such delights as W1A, Peaky Blinders, Midsomer Murders and the like.

Unsurprisingly Peaky Blinders was a hit and we spent some time binge watching (pretty sure I may never have actually seen the first series until now!). W1A was just confusing to Man with its weird British humour and tickled only me. However, the key realization for me personally whilst watching all these, and covering off the many other BBC drama’s that I watch, is how without watching these so frequently I’d feel far more homesick. It’s a strange parallel in that watching the programmes makes me both miss home and feel more connected to it.

It’s the humour and the accents and especially in the likes of Shetland or Lewis’s it’s the outstandingly beautiful countryside. Whenever Man finally makes the trip over the water I think we may need an entire month to fit in the many adventures of have suggested.

Whisky trail of the highlands, Pembrokshire National Park (notably Ye Olde Worlde Cafe), Peak District, Lake District (notably Chester’s by the River), Cotswolds, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Dublin, Galway (not been myself yet but heard it’s so beautiful), Stockbridge, London, York (mostly Betty’s tea shop) Bath, Hay on Wye and of course home in Hereford to name but a few. It may be a small old nation geographically but it has so much to see!

In the meantime however, I shall still make my visits and in the interim continue to fulfill my fond memories of Britain in all her glory from the output of fantastic British film and TV. My only request – BBC would you please make an improved service for people overseas to access current programmes – Many people would happily pay the license to watch the shows more whilst they’re living away.

So for now should you hear of outstanding new British film I need to be on the look out for do drop me a bell and let me know! Today’s lovely picture in the meantime is from the beautiful Aberglasny Gardens in Wales, which must be one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been too and has a delightful tea shop too. Well worth a day out!

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